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  • M. Lucas - Incredible tiny MP3 player

    I have owned this MP3 player for 2 months and absolutely love it. It is very easy to use and loading music is drag and drop. Couldn't ask for better. It is very small like the previous IPOD (not the new one) and clips to your clothes and stays in place. Great value for the price. Would recommend!

  • Simple Phone User - My Grade: A

    I think it would be good to remember that you are just buying a technology and not necessarily a phone service. If you are comfortable solving your own minor problems either through internet searches or their chat room, then you should be okay. Their advertising claims held true for me.

  • Valerie Holland - Not Like Smoothie King

    For some reason, I cannot get this to taste like the Lean One smoothie made in Smoothie King (which was the only reason why I got it). I've even went so far as to buy the EXACT same blender that they use in Smoothie King. lol. I'm disappointed...


    Avast is like a worm inside your computer that's hard to get rid of. What don't I like?? Constant pop ups on a daily basis, sometimes, several times a day. Did you buy and pay for 2 computers? Dont waste your money because they will bug you to death on the second computer until you pay there too.

  • Diverkia - Authentic, Well-Produced, and Simply Loveable

    This is one of Lady Gaga's most well-produced albums. With producers and Grammy winning artists such as Mark Ronson, Florence Welch, Beck, BloodPop, Kevin Parker, Josh Homme, and Father John Misty involved, there is no surprise that this album is cohesive and flows so naturally. Joanne tells the story of a young New York girl whose happiness, sadness, tragic life experiences, and motivations are so relatable and carried through her music. This album is an ode to her later aunt, Joanne, whom Gaga believes would've wanted to spread messages of love, compassion, and self-care to the world if she were to be alive today. She does all that with this album and still manages to keep every song memorable, catchy, and plain gorgeous. I will for sure purchase a vinyl copy once it's available for those days when I want to relax and sing-along with my close friends. This is Gaga like we've never seen or heard her before, with no hard to understand lyrics or outfits. It's Gaga wanting to reflect her desired world in her music: easy, loving, and deep. I have been her fan since The Fame and I can tell you that it's refreshing to see an artist be capable of successfully reinventing herself and her sound. This album does not resemble her previous hits like Just Dance and Poker Face, but it does remind me of her less popular ballads. This is music that the world needs right now and will soon come to appreciate. Tracks on this album will make you smile, cry, and think deep about what our relationships with others and ourselves mean.

  • The Dark Lord - Keeps your breath fresher for longer.!

    A little over a year ago, I went to the dentist for a check out and I was told that my gums were loose around my teeth. Apparently its a common form of gingivitis that over 50 percent of Americans have. My dentist told me that I would need a series of gum treatments that were fairly expensive (500 bucks a pop). After the first treatment, I went online and found BreathRx. After reading the reviews, I figured it couldn't hurt. I spent the next year using Breathrx and I skipped out on all but one of the treatments. Earlier this year during my check up my new dentist told me that my mouth is great. No new cavities and my gums are healthy. Thanks Breathrx!