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  • http://floridahealthfindertest.cloudapp.net/healthencyclopedia/Health%20Illustrated%20Encyclopedia/topics.aspx List of Topics | Health Encyclopedia | FloridaHealthFinder.gov - Colles' fracture is a break across the end of the main bone of the forearm (the radius). A Colles' fracture results in a backward and outward position of the hand in relation to the forearm.

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  • Rebecca H - TRY NOW for a fussy baby!

    I have a 2 year old that was a dream as an infant...she even teethed without so much as a peep. Baby #2 has proved to be a different issue. She's been fussy (colic) from the start. I didn't realize anything was truly wrong until my body started to ache from the constant movement of trying to soothe my screaming baby. I tried gripe water, which didn't help. I tried simethicone which helped a tiny bit. At 3 months old she seemed to improve on her own. But the screaming at times for no obvious reason continued. I tried teething tablets, but that wasn't her problem. I was skeptical this would help after trying everything else but it made a difference immediately. Please give this a chance...and be rid of the mommy guilt associated with a screaming baby. I feel like I finally know what my baby girl is truly like!

  • vitalicvision - OK for everyday!

    I have hyperhidrosis of the hands, which can significantly impair my ability to work with my hands - which is a huge problem for me, since just about everything I enjoy doing is hands-on. I started looking at products like this when I tried out some aerial classes, and found that I could use Dry Hands to improve my ability to participate in normal circumstances... still needed to explore medical options with my doctor for long-term relief, but this was and is an important start.

  • Simi Valley Boy - Five Stars

    Great grip for my full suspension mountain bike. I highly recommend. Plus they are asthetically pleasing

  • Tulip777 - This gun is perfect!

    This blaster gets 55 feet right out of the box! The handle is nice and comfy. The priming is weird, just like the jolt. You have to turn the blaster sideways to pull that thing... Great blaster besides a few bad things.

  • Ladysmith - It works for me, a woman - know that it will not for everyone

    Minoxidil was first developed as an anti-hypertensive, and then the side effect of gair growth was noted. It can drop blood pressure, hence side effects like dizziness or weakness for some people. This stength is supposed to be for men because of the potential side effect of facial hair growth. I am a niddle aged woman, I was born bald, and have had thin, silky hair all my life since I grew hair. As it began to get even thinner in middle age, I began using generic minoxidil with good effect. I have used it off and on for over 10 years.