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  • AZCHICK - I have used rid-x in my septic tank for years ...

    I have used rid-x in my septic tank for years. I have the tanks pumped out ever now and again (may be years between times) and I always get the same comment. 'I can tell you put rid-x in your tank every month.'

  • theresa - horrible product

    this product is horrible!! We put this on our two counters over a month ago. We feared it wouldnt get hard enough for use so we just started to use it this week. If water splatters on it you have to immediately wipe up or it will leave a water mark. Directions do say to wait 30 days before you have standing water on it, it has been over 30 days. It Doesnt just have to be water anything will leave the mark. Our cat tipped over a vase with water in it and we didnt notice it for a couple hours, when we did notice it the whole area that was wet was all little bubbles. We cant leave it like that since it was a huge area so we just took a plastic scrapper and scrapped the whole counter off. now we are stuck with haveing to replace our counter since it does still have a subtle but noticeable black tint to our counters. I would not recommend this product.

  • Key source for step 1 - Key source for step 1

    Definitely the key source for step 1 preparation but as the authors say: it should not be the only source of preparation.

  • Bobby - Antenna no longer smacks the garage door...

    About 2 weeks ago I was backing out of the garage, and my stock radio antenna caught the bottom frame of my garage door... applying enough force to pull the door down & strip the bracket retaining bolts from the carry arm -- my garage door literally got "pulled down" onto my jeep. Although I admit this is probably a rarity, it just happened to be the perfect storm of circumstances.

  • tonib06 - Great product

    This worked far better than anything else I tried. I'm very pleased with how well it cleaned my couch. I only have four stars because I want to try it a couple more times before making a final judgement. I didn't leave it on my couch as long as it said to as I was concerned about it ruining the fabric. I also used the scotchguard stain protectant when I got the furniture so I assume that they maybe worked together? I would recommend the product conpletely.

  • Nini - Love this seasoning!

    I LOVE this seasoning! I use it in all my Mexican style dishes. So convenient to have all the spices together instead of individual jars! I wish the nutrition information was in larger type. I did have to go and check the McCormick site for the sodium content which was a lot lower than I expected.