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Country:, Europe, AT

City: 16.3667 , Austria

  • Raymondoooo - Is what you expect

    I used this to clean out my humidifier tray. Its a rather small bottle, but it work great! As soon as I poured some in the calcium buildup just started to disappear. Will def use this every time for this task.

  • Kathryn Thomas - The scent?

    Well, the scent is one of the reasons I purchased this product. I love the scent of the original. I am so tired of artificial, flowery, fruity and harsh scents. Even the names of the scents, are crazy. Country Vanilla, or Clean Cotton, or Spring Breeze, Fresh Spring and so on endlessly but they mean nothing. Does anyone really think Fresh Spring is a scent they can identify or that the Fresh Spring in New Mexico smells like the Fresh Spring in Indiana? Enough of that, I think the original is very nice, and very low key, and I am very sorry that it has been changed. In fact, I am pretty worried that the actual product has changed, too. Why not leave a good thing alone?