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  • Nemours International Hospital for Children | Nemours - Nemours Children’s Health System includes two international hospitals for children and expert pediatric medical care for those seeking medical tourism.
  • Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, Wilmington, Del. | Nemours - Our hospital in Wilmington, Del., provides primary and specialty pediatric care for more than 100 pediatric specialties. It is also Delaware’s only Level I Pediatric Trauma Center.
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  • Pediatric Research | Nemours - Since we opened our doors in 1940, pediatric research at Nemours has focused on ways to reduce help advance life-changing medical care.
  • Continuing Medical Education | Nemours - Nemours provides live conferences and online continuing education medical courses for health care professionals.
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  • Pediatric Residency Program | Nemours - The Pediatric Residency Program at Nemours combines the best of Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) and Nemours/Alfred I duPont Hospital for Children.
  • Pharmacy Residency | Nemours - Nemours offers a one-year Pharmacy Residency Program at the Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, Wilmington.
  • Pediatric Education Psychology Programs | Nemours - Nemours offers pediatric psychology internship, externship and fellowship programs at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, Wilmington.
  • Pediatric Fellowships | Nemours - Nemours offers a wide range of pediatric fellowship training programs at our hospitals and clinics in the Delaware Valley and Florida.
  • Professional Education | Nemours - Learn more about professional education opportunities at Nemours, including continuing medical education and graduate medical education.
  • Reading Readiness | Nemours - Nemours BrightStart! creates early literacy programs to help identify and teach children at risk for reading failure and dyslexia.
  • Growing Up Healthy | Nemours - When kids are healthy, emotionally and physically fit, they’re better able to face life’s challenges, make good choices, develop positive self-esteem, and build strong relationships.
  • Safety and Injury Prevention | Nemours - Knowing how to stay safe is the best way to prevent injuries. Nemours is committed to decreasing injuries through child safety education.
  • Healthy Living Resources | Nemours - To help kids reach their full potential, we offer programs in preparing children to read, eating healthy, being physically active, preventing injuries, and developing good self-esteem.

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  • Ricardo V. - Ok, but....not

    Image quality is much better then what i expected.... Lens angle is also pretty good, compared to others. The main problem for me is the user manual. It explains poorly about the app and setting up the wifi, but it doesn't say what the button on the camera does, it doesn't say how to charge the battery. I recommend, it's a good camera...very discrete, small, quality is great (for the size).

  • Code 4 - Very Nice

    I discovered the ThruNite TN12 2014 by researching many different models online. I ordered this item out of curiosity whereas it seemed to be fully-functional as well as slim and light enough for EDC. When it arrived and I opened it, I immediately knew that it was exactly what I was looking for in an EDC flashlight. In addition, the higher intensity settings of this unit is no joke. All levels of brightness can (and will) serve some purpose small to large. User-friendliness: When the light is shut off, it automatically defaults back to the brightness setting it was the last time it was on. This is helpful because many of us know how annoying it can be having to turn it on then "clicking" down to a "non-overbearing" setting for basic tasks like some other brands. I find that feature to be quite accommodating. A note: The unit must first be turned on to activate the strobe. The strobe can be activated in any level of brightness but it is a two-step process; First, click the light on with the main switch then press and hold the selection button. It's not an issue or a flaw in my opinion but I thought I'd mention it. I own a business (trades/service) and am very particular about the gear with which I make my living. The TN12 2014 is inexpensive enough that if stolen or lost, it's much less painful to replace on a cost basis than some other types in its category. If, through time, this unit meets the standards of quality and performance as per the information my research has disclosed and keeps up with my daily workload, this might just be an item that should be higher priced than it currently is. Very satisfied with the unit I received. I will update as necessary.

  • Dan the Man - High quality hose worth the cost..Gilmour honors guarantee!

    When they say "if you have a problem with your Flexgen hose, simply cut off both ends and send them post paid, along with your name, address, and length of the hose to Gilmour, and they will send you a new one free" they really mean it. I received a new replacement hose in ten days. They even paid UPS charges!

  • PatriciaD2284 - This is a FAB product!

    Got a large sample of this and used it about three times. Every time I looked in the mirror I noticed my hair looked fuller and shinier. Just bought the large tube, so I'm sold on this.