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  • Lisa Flider - Looking younger!!!

    I have never used a Skederm product, but I am pleasantly surprised about how much I love this product line. It is lightly scented and very soothing for my under eye puffiness. It has great instructions and is very easy to apply. I find myself using more than I should because it feels just so darn good!! I believe my under eye issues have improved - making me look younger!! YAY..what a great feeling. Thank You Skederm for making such a quality product at a reasonable price.

  • Hogslayer308 - Easy to install

    Easy to install, took about 20 minutes total. Probably gave me about another mile per gallon...sounds cool when you stomp on the gas. Hoping to install the Roush exhaust this fall.

  • Steven J Darlington - BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD

    The Dark One hungers. In his pit of eternal hatred he squats in the darkness feeding on the screams of the weak. Soon, his blood tide reaches a peak and he will scourge the unbelievers. Cory Bernardi claims he feels the hunger and screams for the blood of innocents, but his devotion to slaughter is not as strong as he would have you believe. His altars are empty. His axe is not stained wtih blood. This is not the Old Ways, Brother Bernardi. You know nothing of our dark rage. You barely even call for the murder of the pregnant women. NNGU'THALI-SZACTA!

  • Chuck W. - Even my big girl loves this!

    This was for my oldest at college. She played the PS3 version here while home for the holidays and loved it. She said the dances were quite a bit harder, which keeps the game interesting longer. Enjoy!