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  • Allanafl - Works great on my extensions!

    I frequently get hair extensions and if anyone has had them they know that the hair can become extremely dry because it does not receive the oils from your scalp like your real hair does. I spend quite a bit on extensions so it is important that I take care of them and use the best products. I normally use Biolage Hydra source to give my hair the condition it needs so I was skeptical to try another product. This deep conditioner is the real deal!

  • Ashley - Held up when dropped

    There are so many different options of tempared glass on Amazon and I can say with confidence that this pack is 100% worth the buy. The 1st one I used held up for about 2 months until my phone dropped and the TG protected my screen. And I've just recently changed them out. It's a great deal!! And great protection

  • Sherrill M. Meeks - I love it

    I love this product. I use it especially for yeast infections and it works wonderfully. My massage therapist also uses it on me to help strengthen my immune system. Good stuff. I always try to have 2 - 3 full bottles on hand.

  • Discovery-Expert - Nest battery discharges without a fix to wiring.

    My 4-wire (Rh,W1,Y1,G) system did not keep the Nest (version 1) battery charged. I charged it with a USB cable to my computer several nights (at 3 am!) in a row only to have the battery voltage (read on the display or on the web site) read below 3.6 volts within a few hours. It needs to be 3.8 or more to work. Measured voltages between red and the other wires were all 27 volts (nominally 24 volts RMS within error of an inexpensive voltmeter), which should be enough. Turning the fan to always ON does not fix this problem. On the Technical Info page of the display the "Voc" value was 33.3 volts. The "oc" in the "Voc" label appears to indicate that the voltage measured is the "open circuit" voltage (a peak-to-peak voltage value), and if you divide it by 1.41 (to get the RMS voltage value) that corresponds to 24 volts, equivalent to that measured at the wires by the voltmeter. The "Vin" voltage number appears to be the voltage across the wires when the unit is connected (i.e., the "closed circuit" voltage). It should also be near 33.3 volts for a 24 volt system to drive the battery charging circuit. Nest does not provide any public document describing these parameters -- except perhaps for expert technicians. My "Vin" value consistently read between 5.7 and 4.1 volts, which is insufficient to run the battery charging circuit of the unit -- or the functions of the unit correctly. So the battery is always drained after recharging. Adding a "C" ("common") wire from the furnace control board (to each zone separately) changes the "Vin" value toward near the 30-volt (peak-to-peak) range where it should be. A Nest-recommended Heating & AC technician did this for a $229 charge for two zoned unit locations. Thus the total cost for the Nest is really approximately doubled if your wiring is incomplete and you really want the Nest device. It is bad form that Nest does not acknowledge this incompatibility of 4-wire systems (unless pressed during several of their hot-line phone calls) but instead sends you to an installation firm. The person on the first support call said that a 4-wire system was compatible. It took me five suppport calls to get a Nest person to be willing to say the word "incompatible" without a change in the wiring to the furnace control board. My consulting fee to Nest has just gone up (doubled to zero)! Other than all of the above, the learning "features" of the Nest may be of interest -- we shall see.

  • Julia Miller - Unfortunate.

    Beautiful car seat, kind of tall. I did end up returning it because the cushions around the sides of the head are huge and seemed to annoy my daughter and prevent from being able to look around much at all. We got a Chicco Nextfit instead.