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  • elaine h conners - Skinnytaste fast and slow

    Wonderful cookbook! Recipes are easy to follow, clear and precise. The illustrations are beautiful and let you know what the finished product will look like. A very nice variety of recipes all of which are delicious. The second cookbook written by Gina, and just as superb as the first! Keep up the good work, Gina

  • Clark Kent - BBT, with no objections.

    Acting chops shown by BBT. I was sort of on the fence regarding BBT until FARGO, but here again he shows them how it's done. While this 8 parter was somewhat predictable, BBT carried this. I felt that William Hurt did this strictly for the money. His acting came across flat at best (The nude scene OMG, OMG, OMG.. Just...NO and his part could have been played by any number of other actors; I did however enjoy Hurt's comeuppance. A thought came to mind regarding the hedonistic depiction of the law firm. Was EVERYONE effing everyone else? Wow, I guess they needed that to make the case for why someone would continue to work for such a dysfunctional, soulless organization (beyond the $ that is, and maybe that's the point.. (and yes I know that is what one of the characters said)) Anyway, I binge watched it, liked it and If another BBT show comes up, I will watch 4 sure.

  • sunidayz - Time I'll never get back..

    Don't even bother with this movie. I have seen some horrible horror/thriller movies, but this is the absolute worst. When viewing films, I generally give all movies a chance, and watch the whole film to give a fair review. But this one , I had to shut off after 20 minutes . It was terrible in every way-acting, script, unprofessionalism. I very, very rarely shut off a movie because of the disgust and the stupidity of the film. Don't even waste your time on this one.

  • Mr Safety Too - I bought this device after I sent a competitor's device ...

    I bought this device after I sent a competitor's device back. This unit has proper software loaded and works as advertised. I have installed a 64Gigabyte chip to enhance its storage capacity. It is not the fastest PC on the market. Under heavy processing load, the screen goes black momentarily but that is a minor annoyance not a stopper. I have found that when playing a video that I must keep my hand off of the wireless USB mouse to avoid overloading the processor and causing momentary screen blackouts.

  • Amie Orr - The lavender is awesome in the bedroom at night

    I use these for all sorts of things. The lavender is awesome in the bedroom at night. I have some with water in a spray bottle that I spray the bed linens with on occasion. The lemongrass on pulse points and/pr diluted in water deters misquotes better then anything else I have tried. The peppermint is wonderful in a bit of water for a stomach ache and is helpful for a midday "pick me up" if you are tired. I use the others in boiling water to scent my home and combat dry air in the winter.

  • Kindle Customer/ Linda Y - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie!!!

    I love the music, special effects, many of the actors/actresses are some of my FAVORITES!! Also fell in love w/new ones...even though the story line was somewhat predictable, I still enjoyed it each time I "tuned in"! I own this on my kindle - I think I have watched it over 100 times!! Enough said...