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  • Anna-Maria Sulin - A MUST-HAVE for any rattle can project!

    Used these to spray Plasti-Dip on the front grille of my Jeep Wrangler. I will never use a rattle can of anything again without one of these on top!! Using these Can Guns, the spray of product was SO even and effortless. I never before realized how sensitive the sprayer of rattle can paints was to even tiny differences in fingertip pressure - the smallest variations constantly cause the spray to change. With these, your trigger finger doesn't tire and the pressure on the sprayer is even and constant. Gave awesome results with Plasti-Dip, planning to use it on all future rattle can projects!

  • Gregory J. Blajian - Great case to protect your S7 Edge and replace your wallet.

    This thing rocks. I have had it for a few weeks now and the card pockets hold just the right number of cards. It has completely replaced my wallet. It protects the camera quite well and prevents scratches when placed in the pocket. I have dropped the phone a couple of times and the phone is well protected. The stand feature is semi-effective but with the cards in it it is not all that stable. The S7 Edge is 100% accessible and the phone still charges effectively using the wireless charging feature. The only way the case could be better is if it contained a really skinny additional battery or allowed a little more cooling [I experienced an overheated battery error when trying to access the camera while on a trip earlier this week].

  • elias kfoury - ­čĹŹExcepted the headlight led 80 watt,

    ­čĹŹExcepted the headlight led 80 watt, they wrote that is 80w but the real wattage is 40w for each piece that's mean 2x40watt