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  • Calcifer - Great for silk ties!

    I used this on all of my silk ties, since even a drop of water will ruin a silk tie, and they really can't be cleaned. For silk ties, it's all about stain prevention. This stuff sprayed right on each tie, did not alter the color, texture, or smell, and works like a dream. Everyone should be using this for their ties.

  • Howard D - It even works pretty well if I step outside the truck and leave ...

    I used this baby every day being an over the road trucker. One thing I must say is that it is very light weight.. You can wear this all day long with no irritation. My wife always think I'm resting somewhere, because she can't hear the truck,even though I'm barreling down the road at 70 mph! She can't hear wind noise either! It even works pretty well if I step outside the truck and leave the phone on the dash! It also lets you know WHO is calling by name and you can answer orignore calls simply by saying "ANSWER" or "IGNORE", You can also download an app for it,which displays how much power you have left and if you should misplace it,it will send a tone to the headset to help locate it! Things I don't like about it: The charger,it's a magnetic deal,which means if you're not careful,it could slip off unnoticed. Also,there is no way to charge it in a vehicle unless you have another source of power like a power extension cord for the cigarette lighter or a portable power pack charger such as I.Within one day of usage, I lost the foam piece that slips over the ear piece,but to be honest,it works better without it! But overall I love it.

  • DENISE C. - Faster and helthy!

    It was a gift for my sun and His family, special my granddaughter.,she loves ice cream, But she is a little girl and they worried about helthy foods. This product is wonderful because you can make delicious ice cream, faster and without sugar.

  • ciara - really does help :)

    I suffer from severe allergies. N O N E of the '24' hour relief allergy medications (all of them...even the store brands)did anything for me. Only benedril worked...and we all know how that makes you feel.. tired, brain dead, and dehydrated. Buttttt.. I did what I had to so I wasn't in complete misery. I had to take the full dose '2' benedril :

  • str8ldy - not fully revealed

    Very sorry I spent money on this due to the fact the hidden costs of the payroll program not revealed. I did not expect to be required to subscribe to their online service to use payroll program.

  • Tracy - it just looked like my skin took on a different tone

    Seeing all these reviews and I was surprised I had such a similar experience. I was pulled into a store by a man who insisted on trying some products on my skin. Seeing as how I normally have soft hands I could hardly tell a difference and I told him so even if he said there was a definite change. If anything, it just looked like my skin took on a different tone? So he tries on another product but I really don't see the difference. He calls over their specialist. They ask me about the products I'm using. She tells me I have pretty good skin but I have big pores, blackheads, dryness, and oily parts on my face. She tells me I'm going want to be kissing her hands and feet when I've purchased their product and see the results for myself. At this point I'm mildly offended because I think I was supposed to be wowed, but I wasn't. I do have big pores, but I've never had problems with blackheads. Additionally, it was reasonable for me to have dryness and oiliness on my skin because I hadn't washed my face in nine hours since I had classes all day and I usually don't have time to apply toner or moisturizer or makeup because I'd rather sleep an extra 10 minutes (and as a college student, those minutes are precious). I lowkey wanted to point out to her that at least my skin was blemish free while she was not able to hide the bumps under her foundation. Then she tells me she'll give me a special discount and so I'm like cool, free stuff as long as I refer back to the store if the product actually works for me. I misinterpreted slightly, she kept telling me what a great deal I'm getting but the total still came out to be over $80. That's still pretty steep for products I already have anyways and have been working pretty well for me at a fraction of the cost. So I quietly back out with the excuse of needing to think it over because it's not a decision I want to make on a whim and I needed to pick up my mom from work (which wasn't a lie, considering I was only wasting time in the area until I had to pick up my mom). In any case, even if the discount was big, I asked myself why should I pay anything for a product that didn't do anything for me during the demonstration?

  • meltbanana - No Per Stirpes clause, making this a waste of money for me.

    I am extremely disappointed in this product and consider it a waste of $40. I should have checked ahead of time, but I would think the most basic will should allow a PER STIRPES clause. I understand that PER STIRPES can have slightly different interpretation between states, but in our case, it is exactly what we want to achieve. Unfortunately, it does not allow it, and I am forced to find another product. $40 down the drain, as I cannot use this will.