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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • LMCR - Full Exposure is actually good.

    This product is great. I received a small sample from Neiman Marcus and I have to say I love it. It doesn't cake, doesn't dry fast in the midst of applying and washes off wonderfully with just face wash. The applicator really does a great job in contacting all my lashes. I just ordered the full size product!

  • M. S. Heflin - Light rain jacket

    I haven't got to try it out in heavy rain, but in light rain it does really well at keeping your upper body dry. The vents are nice to have so you don't get too hot during the summer. I personally keep this in my truck in case it rains unexpectedly while I'm out and it has served its purpose since I purchased it.

  • genesis angeles - excellent

    I just started using this product a week ago and so far I really like it. Before I started taking Super HD, I was taking NDS Liporush and unlike Liporush, Super HD doesn't give me the terrible jitters but it does keep me energized and focused throughout my entire workout routine. Not to mention that it definitely controls appetite and diminishes the cravings and it definitely speeds up my metabolism!! I do agree with some of the reviews about Super HD being a very strong supplement so much so that it made me nauseous the first and second time I used it; however, as the week progressed the nauseousness went away completely. I recommend this product so far because you get exactly what you're investing in haha... I'll write an updated review on this product in a month or so.

  • Laura I. - Love Shameless! Great acting, plot lines, etc.

    Terrific show! Very disturbing at some points, but also amusing & clever. Not at all predictable like so many TV shows & movies. I can barely wait for each new episode & season! Definitely not for children.

  • Christopher Vanwinkle - Not that good.

    So, the product didn't look as smooth as the ad. The thin installation has random permanent creases running throughout. It does not fold compact. It is designed to roll up and not small. Using the maximum length of the Velcro strap, it's about 7" in diameter. Even with this, the ends have an increasing growing curve on the edges not covering about 2" on both sides so far. As far as the temp goes, not even 5 degrees compared to a thin, foiled, folding design.

  • J. Brakebill - Best book I have read in a very long time...

    Great book couldn't put it down. Amazing story of that magnolia coming to full bloom...Chip and Joanna have been very blessed...can hardly wait for the next season..wonderful book and real true life love...

  • R. Kimball - Buyer Beware

    These are not 10% Hydrogen Peroxide Advance Seal strips. To me they seem somewhere between 6-8%. How do I know this? The 10% strips are a 1 hour treatment, this box recommends a 30 minute regimen. The strips are also shaped differently. To be honest I'm not even sure if these are actually "Advance Seal" because I've used both and I can drink water with the actual Advanced Seal product.