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  • margie - Don't waste your money..

    Please save your money. This is the biggest waste of 200.00, the company should be ashamed... They never inform you when you buy this, that you are committed to a lifetime of purchasing the gel pads, which only last 2or 3 sessions.. And the worst part, is that it is uncomfortable, annoying and doesn't the time I found this out, it was too late to I am stuck with a 200.00 piece of nothing that I will not continue to use, because I am not buying anymore gel pads...terrible terrible product...

  • budgetmama - Compatiblity?!?

    Was SO excited to receive this software. Been a Quicken user all my life. CD says it's for Windows 7, but mine won't even download! :( Was pumped to get this baby downloaded immediately and get going with a new fresh start and now I can't even get it to read on my computer to download! :( REALLY bummed! Here's to figuring out how to get it downloaded.

  • B66ks - Chord..

    I totally praise the product itself cuts exactly like it should... but the CHORD... that's another matter...its the worst piece of hardened plastic that you could possibly needed to be flexible to some degree..... no matter how hard I try to get the chord to its maximum length... to no avail the plastic is so RIGID.. not a chance....This is my third Headliner...and my the other two had chords that were very user friendly.. sorry for the review....but you asked... perhaps your new batch wont use such cheap plastic...go back to what worked...

  • Lisa M. - At any cost not worth it.

    Ok the old saying of you get what you pay for, well your paying $10 bucks and well I guess you might be able to find a movie to watch. I have had this for nearly 4 months, Yet to find a single tv show or movie to watch that is free. The interface to browse movies is a major pain and my believe is designed that way so you cant really tell just how few movies are really available for free. I mean its $10 bucks i figured in reality id get to watch maybe one of my old favorite tv shows or a few goofy silly movies that were like guilty pleasures. my biggest complaint is you constantly run into pay per view options. For example I just went through 80's Tv shows and saw cheers, ok i wouldnt mind watching that whoops you have to pay extra. I really wouldnt mind if it had a better interface something in the line of how any other movie website does. Your better off just browsing through network websites and/or hulu.

  • Grafx - Nice Fit, fast install

    Had these on in 36 minutes. Fronts utilize some existing fasters. Does help if you have a right angle drill so you don't have to take the rear tires off. Really nice fit!

  • John F. Hebert - I feel much more energy, wake up early, sleep well.

    Ok, I am as skeptical of a human as you get and I don't have health insurance so keeping my self healthy is always on my mind. I'm 36 years old and i bike daily 12 to 15 miles just commuting as well as an occasional 30 mile ride, so I was wondering why for the past 9 months I just felt "old" tired, always got "too much sleep" irregular bm etc. I got Cellfood 4 days ago and have been taking 8 drop (2) twice a day.

  • Amazon Customer - Pleasant surprise

    TV was pretty easy to setup and with minor tweaking the picture is outstanding. The smart remote did not pair with the tv upon power up but manually pairing it was simple. Now for the surprise, with anynet + (HDMI - CEC) turned on the Samsung smart remote provides limited control of my fire tv box. I still need to wake the fire tv with it's remote but then the smart tv remote can take over. Up, down, left, right, select, back, and play/pause all work. Of course pressing home brings up tv's home menu. So nice not to have to use 2 remotes just to change volume while streaming with fire tv.