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Haferman Water Conditioning | Twin Cities MN Kinetico Dealer - Haferman Water Conditioning supplies Twin Cities MN homes and businesses with the finest quality water and service, and a wide range of Kinetico products.

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  • Armani - Wilson!!!

    Playing volleyball at the beach with this is a head turner for sure, the ball came ready and pumped to the amount used professionally, ball was used all summer long and no problems what so ever. You can't beat it for the price you pay, it's cheaper than buying a ball at a sports store plus you got the touch of Wilson. Planning to buy one more in case they go out of stock. Definite conversation starter!

  • Elaine C. - I have enjoyed the New Yorker for years and look forward to ...

    I look forward to receiving my new subscription to the New Yorker! I have enjoyed the New Yorker for years and look forward to regularly receiving its unique perspective on news, politics, culture/events, and in-depth writing on a variety of topics. And of course, the cartoons are key to my enjoyment!

  • Jonathan L Wilson - Great Piece of Hardware hampered by Steam OS. Still a hardware bargin.

    I purchased this to replace the Intel NUC that I'd been using as a home theater PC since the NUC didn't have dedicated graphics for gaming. I decided to give the Steam OS version of this a try as opposed to the Alienware Alpha (same system, just configured with windows instead and different accessories) since I'd heard that Steam OS was pretty well optimized for gaming. While things ran lightning fast on Steam OS only a fraction of games from the Steam Library run on it. After a day of frustration with not being able to play most of the games in my library I broke down and installed Windows 10 on it. Now that I've replaced the operating system I couldn't be happier with it. I've mainly been using it for Fallout 4 but I'm very impressed with how well it runs that piece of software. I have the graphics set to High detail at 1920x1080 and it runs stutter free and looks amazing. As far as value goes its a great piece of hardware; you would be hard pressed to build something this powerful in this form factor for the money. ( I spent time researching building something before buying this and to equal the specs for the price I had to build something in a full ATX form factor. Not ideal for a home theater.) Steam OS however simply isn't ready for prime time. Either go with the Alpha version with Windows or be prepared to spend a day setting this up with a better OS.