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  • Gotaspx - Don't waist your time & money on this product! It doesn't work.

    I noticed no significant re-growth of my hair. I did perhaps notice that my hair was coming off faster where my hair seemed to be falling out more than usual.

  • S Dawn - Horrible Reaction!

    After the first use, I noticed slight redness in my skin and it was a little tingly. Stupid me, I thought great, it's working! The 2nd day, woke up with seriously red, burned skin that is peeling horribly. I stopped using it, but 2 days later my skin still seems to be getting worse. My skin is very red and burned (way worse than a sunburn) and my skin is so tight around my mouth that it actually hurts to open my mouth to eat! I have never had a reaction to anything before. Right now I cannot put anything on my face without it being painful. I just slathered my face with Neosporin, hoping for some relief. If this doesn't improve in a day or two, I'm going to have to see a doctor.

  • Matthew P. Jarvis - A Perfect "Layman's" Guide To Social Security

    This book provides a very thorough, yet practical explanation of social security in an easy to read format. This is a great guide for almost anyone wanting a better understanding of not only how the program works, but how it will work for them as an individual participant.

  • Rozi - The number of sprays recommended on the bottle are far too many and leave ...

    Saw this at a friend's house and thought the name was very amusing. It is very effective in masking unpleasant toilet time odors. The bottle advises 4-6 sprays, but we find one quick one on the water does the trick. The number of sprays recommended on the bottle are far too many and leave the bathroom overwhelmed and the smell, though not unpleasant, travels throughout the house.

  • Elizabeth - this always works for my little one. We use ...

    this always works for my little one. We use a formula with added rice starch to combat reflux and spitting up, but it causes constipation. This really helps when needed. Usually within one to 2 feedings. I do put it in her bottle because she will sometimes spit it out if I give it to her straight,

  • Revo - Works Great.

    I've been using these for the last 30K miles in 6K mile intervals on our 09 Dodge Ram Hemi, and I couldn't be happier. I just hand tighten it and never leaks or gets loose between changes, and does a great job filtering the oil since the oil comes out very clean. That's about all you can ask from an oil filter.