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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Kevin Knill - ... view is that for $179 try and find a better more fun interactive robot

    My view is that for $179 try and find a better more fun interactive robot!!! Yes there are disadvantages, you need a wifi connection and the current selection of games is small but hopefully more will be added along with other features etc. It was easy to setup and fun was had immediately. It even managed to do a face recognition of my cat (had to get the cat to stay still for more than 5 seconds however) . I would like to see eventually that multiple units can interact (interesting that they don't already as it would have pushed sales even more). Having the phone tied up with the app is required but get over it and try and live without your phone for a while ! I did get calls coming through as was able to take them OK and the robot fun continued after the call was finished. I do think they need edge sensors on side and back as I had to launch myself across the table to prevent a fall during play. Its version 1.0 so everybody needs to realize this and not get to worked up if it cant play cards with you, make the tea or take the dog for a walk. Its fun, its unique and I love it.

  • Mitzy Milton - ... taking these my face and scalp began breaking out horribly. It was cystic

    When I started taking these my face and scalp began breaking out horribly. It was cystic, deep acne like I haven't had since I was 12. I've never had acne on my scalp and it hurt to comb my hair. It was bizarre. I quit taking the vitamins and it cleared up immediately. It's just a shame because they seemed to be working well. My roots seemed to be growing out a lot faster than usual but the awful skin was just not worth it. Possibly it will work for others, just not for me.

  • Eva G. Crider - High quality

    I purchased it two weeks ago, I started to use when it arrived, my husband now is very happy for this product because i stopped to snoring at night. It works great. I will buy one more to gift my dad! I suggest to buy this high quality product!

  • *ProfessionalMomma* - DELISH SALSA!!!! PERFECT AMOUNT OF HEAT!!!!

    My fav salsa! Love the pack of 2! If you don't eat salsa much this pack is probably too much for you. These are big! The medium flavor has a little kick to it, a step above the mild, but perfect amount of spice! Will buy again!

  • J. Palmer - 5G is back after a very simple setting change

    ***UPDATE 4/1/2016*** 5G has been working since ASUS replied to my post a few days ago. It was a simple setting change and is now working like it did the first couple of days when I started. I was pleased with the performance of this router with just the 2.4G wireless, so now that the router is fully functional, I am very pleased. Thanks to Jerry from ASUS for responding to my issue via this post, but ASUS needs to get their techs all on the same page for customer support. Give them a cheat sheet to use. The setting change to channel 161 literally took two seconds to complete and was NEVER even mentioned in the two hours of trouble shooting on the phone with ASUS support. In doing research and reading other ASUS replies with issues, I noticed other inconsistencies between what I was reading here and what the ASUS phone support told me. Their conclusion that I had a hardware issue and to send the router in for service after 2 days was ridiculous and then sent me down a path of investing many more hours of aggravation trying to coordinate how to best handle not losing internet for the weeks this router would be sent out for "repairs".

  • Amazon Customer - Album of a Lifetime

    As a fan of Gaga from the start and a lover of all styles of music, this album is truly incredible. This eclectic album channels her country-rock inspirations, specifically Bowie and the Stones, while still embracing her unique place in the pop world. Joanne will be Lady Gaga's legacy album.