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    This is a very well written warning and a quick read - thought somewhat frightening! I wish more people were paying attention to these and other topics (hello, climate change!) that will powerfully effect the destiny of our descendants. Every time I look into the eyes of a youngster, I want to apologize for not fixing what can easily be foreseen which will cause them to live a future that didn't have to be.

  • Teniyah HAll - Nice

    I love this product because I can see the difference in my skin and hair. My hair is thicker, my skin doesn't get dry quickly anymore. But the only thing I don't like about the product is the size of the pill and if not that, then its that the pill does not have a dissolving jelly around it, to make the pill easier to swallow. But other than that I like the product. I got this product for free and this is completely all my opinion.

  • say712 - Okay

    The vacuum is all I really use of this. It is quite small (6 - 8 inches wide) so it takes a long time to get around the whole pool. I'll probably replace it next year.

  • cyndiekb - Mini Make Over

    Perfect fit. I always buy manufacturer drip pans. The generic ones just don't fit correctly. New pans give a mini kitchen make over. My stove is 4 yrs old it was past time to replace them. I have a teen boy learning to cook...I may need more soon!

  • SamanthaJ - I absolutely love this product

    I absolutely love this product!! I was going to buy one last year but every where I went they were sold out. When I saw this item online I knew I had to have it!!

  • Ashraf girgis - it is really all in one

    I had this trolley for over than 7 years and still using it around the home even in the car as I leave it in the trunk of the car and doesn't take a space by putting the wheels up and carry all my shopping to and so on don't miss it

  • Cajun Callie - The line is unbelievably bad.

    Worx used to make a good line for this thing, but now it only produces useless junk. The new "free" line for life is much too light, fragile, and wraps itself around the spool every couple of minutes. Then you have to spend time digging it out, starting over, only to have it wrap around the spool again. Much to hard to use. Avoid this piece of trash.