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  • lizardbrain - Great starter set

    I have only recently gotten into essential oils and I do not really know what I like and don't like yet so something like the Classic Set of 6 Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 10ml from Gardinesca seemed like a great place to start. This arrived very well packaged and the oils are in a box that would work great as a gift or for storage. This comes with six different oils and from what I can tell it covers a good spectrum of the choices that are out there. All of the oils are organic without any additives or fillers and seem to be high quality. From what I have read there are many different uses for these oils and I am excited to give all of the different choices a try. I am happy with this set and I would recommend giving it a try.

  • Michelle27 - Natrol's version of Biotin was the remedy for my weak nails.

    I started taking Biotin (different manufacturer) on the advice of a pharmacist/friend who said it would help strengthen my woefully weak, aging fingernails. It was an unsuccessful experiment. Fortunately, rather than give up, I decided to try a different company and, based on Amazon reviews, tried this version. I thought it would take weeks to see a difference if it was going to work at all because of the way nails are formed, but I was astonished to discover my nails were much stronger within a week. I still can't believe it, although now my biggest problem is every time I turn around I have to file my nails because they are too long, a much better "problem"! Additionally, this product seems to have helped my daughter, who has thinning hair. She said she has noticed growth of new hairs, which is terrific. All in all, I'm extremely happy with the Natrol version of Biotin, 10,000 mcg, and I even told my dermatologist about my discovery so he could recommend it to his patients.

  • Kelly K - Decent stroller, but probably not worth the extra money

    Used this stroller for more than a year for our toddler, and it has been all over, including several airplane rides. Pros were the cup holder, canopy, it's lightweight and attractive. It's mostly held up - shows some wear and tear and there are nicks in the rubber padding on the handle, but I think that's from various plane rides. Cons were that it's hard to steer with one hand, not super easy to fold if your hands are full or you're corralling the little one, and I found the mechanism to recline the seatback completely cumbersome. This is kind of picky, but I also found it tedious to adjust the seat/footrest thing - the front part of the seat folds down to adjust to your little one's legs, but every time you unfold the stroller, you have to adjust that seat again. Not hard, but I found the extra step annoying when I was in a hurry.