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  • Shelley lopez - What in the name of John Wayne's ass....

    Oh hell, where do I begin...This shiz right here does not work as advertised, it's 1000000000x more powerful than anything you could imagine. It seriously man-handles your senses. I used it around a bunch of Soldiers and even these resilient creatures could not keep their wits about them. PLEASE...for the love of all that is decent, heed the warnings from the reviewers. This stuff can/will get you arrested for attempted terrorism or maybe even murder. I cannot explain the smell, it's like trying to explain an orgasm to a virgin...you're just not going to understand until your olfactory system gets a prison beat down from this amazing product. This is the most mind destroying spray out there. You have been warned.

  • Kyle Stewart - Good stuff.

    Great taste and results. This stuff has added 5 pounds of muscle to me. And I have to add more words to post a review.

  • roozoomom - Shouldn't be annoying

    If you're considering Just Dance 2015, go ahead and get it. It really is a fun game. But, having a lot of history with the previous games, this one is a bit annoying, by comparison. Here is how I define annoying: if my amazingly game-and-computer-savvy-kids cannot figure it out without MY less-savvy-input, it's not intuitive enough!! The fact I spent an hour sorting out the specs of the game Christmas morning should be a red flag to the creators of Just Dance 2015 that they need to rethink their new "improved" game interface.

  • Chandra Hanes - Love the products

    I've been using the shampoo, conditioner and detangling spray on my daughter every day. (Well, we shampoo/condition about twice a week.) I use the shampoo and gel on my son's hair in the same way. We have not had issues with lice yet. I would give the products 5 stars, but until they are around children with lice (we fought it for 6 months in the classroom last year!) I don't feel comfortable saying it absolutely works. For me, I figure we've got to buy shampoo etc. anyway, might as well use a preventative one. My daughter does tell me she hasn't noticed the gnats flying around her face lately. I was a little concerned about all the oil mentioned in the product, but I needn't have. My daughter's shoulder length hair always looks lovely. So much so I've started using the product myself just so my hair looks better! Can't beat a natural, organic product I guess.

  • Terry / NC Elect Contractor - Extremely satisfied with the tool

    My EZ Professional Hole Saw Kit arrived on time as promised. I used it the next day. I sawed 6 holes in 45 year old plaster, slick as a ribbon. Extremely satisfied with the tool. I like the fact that it will drill multiple size holes as well as many different types of materials. I also love that this tool eliminated 99% of the dust and mess. Thank you.

  • Hlujan - Works and smells great!

    I used this product for my daughter her first year of school. She never came home with lice! Her best friend got it and I found out a couple months later. So I know this stuff works. Very happy with it. Just ordered more for the upcoming school yr. Oh and it lasted for a while.i like the smell too.