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  • Is my job killing me? | Health+Medicine - Risky work is more than fighting fires or tackling criminals. Worrying and sitting can also be dangerous.
  • How an ordinary office job can be deadly | Health+Medicine - Going to work isn't just about earning money. It can have a big impact on health.
  • Which toothpaste is best? | Health+Medicine - There are dozens of different toothpastes so it's important to know what to look for when picking one.
  • Wrong ideas about Post Tramatic Stress Disorder | Health+Medicine - We think of traumatic events as damaging but trauma leads to resilience more often than PTSD.
  • Modern families need really grand parents | Health+Medicine - Grandparents are not just occasional babysitters, they are more involved in kids' lives than ever.
  • Pumpkin, Leek and Feta Mini Frittata | Health+Medicine - Pumpkin, Leek and Feta Mini Frittata make a great picnic snack or party canape.

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  • Mom-Wife-Youth Leader - We love it

    We have been using this for years. Started when we had babies, cleaning up spit up on the carpet and what not. But now, even without babies, this is a great product to have to use in your laundry, especially with musty smelling athletic clothes or towels. It is fantastic if you have pets, we use it with every load of kennel blankets and towels. I hope it is never discontinued, it's becoming harder to find. Walmart used to carry it, but now I can only find it on Amazon.

  • clemstud - Overall good, not without issues

    Great functionality overall, with some added perks, but the Identity Safe crashes every three days or so while using Chrome with no apparent workaround on Norton's end.