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  • About HealthPark Dentistry | HealthPark Dentistry - HealthPark Dentistry has a focus on prevention and quality care for every stage of your family's lives. Evening and weekend appointments available.
  • Insurance & Financing | HealthPark Dentistry - HealthPark Dentistry accepts a wide array of dental insurance plans and offers payment plans to make dentistry available and affordable for everyone.
  • Tips for Choosing the Right Dental Office | HealthPark Dentistry - At HealthPark Dentistry, our award-winning preventive approach is based on building relationships with our clients. Contact us today.
  • History | HealthPark Dentistry - HealthPark Dentistry has grown to include the widest variety of general dentists & specialists practicing together outside of The Ohio State Dental College.
  • Awards | HealthPark Dentistry - Using coordinated care between our dentists, specialists and highly trained staff, we provide the highest quality care for our patients’ dentistry needs.
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  • Careers at HealthPark Dentistry | HealthPark Dentistry - Our strength lies in our most important asset – our employees. We focus on patients to improve their health, and staff to build their careers.
  • Resources for Patients - HealthPark Dentistry - In addition to our website, there are other sites on the Internet that provide helpful information about dental health and are good resources for patients.
  • Services | HealthPark Dentistry - Dental care is an ongoing journey and at HealthPark Dentistry you will find dentists and specialists all under one roof for all your dental needs.
  • General Dentistry | HealthPark Dentistry - View our extensive line of dental care services including cosmetic dentistry, implants, TMJ therapy, sleep apnea appliances, adult IV sedation and more.
  • Snoring & Sleep Apnea | HealthPark Dentistry - A sleep apnea dental appliance may solve snoring and sleep apnea conditions that may cause severe health problems.
  • Root Canal | HealthPark Dentistry - A root canal is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes infected. We provide fast and comfortable root canals.
  • Dentures | HealthPark Dentistry - If you have missing or damaged teeth, getting dentures can help you look & feel your best. Learn about types of dentures available at HealthPark Dentistry.
  • Emergency Care | HealthPark Dentistry - Call HealthPark Dentistry in at 667-2417 with your dental emergency. We are located at 110 S. Tippecanoe Dr., Tipp City, Ohio.
  • Crowns & Bridges | HealthPark Dentistry - Preserve your damaged tooth with a dental crown. Contact HealthPark Dentistry to diagnose and determine any necessary procedure to restore your smile.
  • Second Opinions | HealthPark Dentistry - HealthPark Dentistry would be glad to offer you a second opinion based on our conservative, evidence based, minimally invasive approach to your dental care.
  • Special Care for Developmentally Disabled | HealthPark Dentistry - Our entire clinical team has received training to work with special needs dental clients. We provide creative solutions to dental challenges.
  • TMJ Solutions | HealthPark Dentistry - If you think you might have a problem with clenching & grinding your teeth, Dr. Smith can diagnose and create a TMJ treatment plan for you.
  • Teeth Whitening | HealthPark Dentistry - Check out the teeth whitening procedures offered by HealthPark Dentistry. The quality of a great smile has significant impact on the lives of most people.
  • Gum Disease Treatments | HealthPark Dentistry - Periodontal gum disease, if caught in its early stages can be controlled and tooth loss avoided. Contact HealthPark Dentistry for your dental evaluation.
  • Dental Sealants | HealthPark Dentistry - Dental sealants are a great way to protect teeth from tooth decay. It is an inexpensive, simple procedure and only takes minutes to apply.
  • Frenectomy | HealthPark Dentistry - A frenectomy is a procedure that corrects a tongue-tied condition. It is a simple procedure and is generally done with local anesthesia.
  • Mouthguards | HealthPark Dentistry - Playing sports? To protect your child's teeth, Healthpark Dentistry will make an impression of the teeth and create a mouthguard that fits the bite.
  • Halloween Candy Buy Back | HealthPark Dentistry - To promote healthy teeth, every year HealthPark Dentistry sponsors a Halloween Candy Buy Back and sends the candy to the military troops.
  • School Visits | HealthPark Dentistry - Dr. Mason and his team love to make school visits to help kids learn to take care of their teeth! Just call us and we’ll set up a date!
  • Periodontics | HealthPark Dentistry - We begin a therapy program to control your periodontal disease, treat specific teeth that do not respond to therapy & provide dental implants as necessary.
  • Dental Implants | HealthPark Dentistry - Dental implants are an ideal option to replace missing teeth and are so natural-looking and feeling you may forget you ever lost a tooth.

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