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  • NoelleR - Great stroller for on the go lifestyle

    After looking into a few models from Mountain Buggy, this one was my choice for the light weight. Needed something for public transportation as well as a quick load into the family wagon. Still sturdy though, very solid and feels well built when pushing and folding. Been through a few cheap strollers where I worried the frame wasn't built very well as some shake and just feel loose. Another big seller for me was the ability to pair up with car seat of my choice and not be limited to only one brand of car seat and stroller.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't pay attention to people saying fake!

    I bought and received this product and worn Versace Blue Jean since it has been out. I vouch that this is 100 % authentic and not a knock off or a fake. I advise people to try it out it smells great and the females dig it. I wear two kinds of cologne and it's this and Armani Aqua di gio and they both get me compliments often. I just wanted to make those aware it's not fake and not to pay attention to those saying something just because it's has the Name Versace and is not expensive. I don't see any Versace cologne that is that expensive anyway there clothes and other things are a different story.

  • JCoop - Not worth the money, but it works pretty well

    I ordered a 30 day cleanse supply from ""... I decided to split it up into three 10 day cleanses after I lost 13lbs in the first 10 days. First of all- WAAAAY overpriced for what you get-they market it as a "magical" state of the art product that does what nothing else can do, but it is nothing more than meal replacement shakes, and the cleanse is just a disgusting drink with tons of nutrients. I am not horribly overweight, (6'1" 232lbs when I started) I just wanted to lose the 25lbs I gained in the 7 months after I got out of the military. YES, I do feel better after the 10 day cleanse, but not enough so to give all the credit to the product. I think if I just ate better than I was before, and cut out alcohol altogether, then I would have had the same result. I bought it because the radio show "Lex and Terry" praised it so much, and they typically give good advice. I realize they are just paid to promote it, but I figured I would give it a shot anyway. Now that I have spent $360 on a month supply, I have the willpower to eat better and exercise so I never have to blow that much $$$ on a BS weight loss product again...

  • deb426 - I hate it

    this product did not fit right and it would not stay in place when I wore it. It made my waist sore from rubbing up against my skin. I would not recommend this product to no one

  • INTERESTING VIEWPOINT - Don't Waste Your Time Buying Creator NXT2!!!

    This is the worst dvd burning software I have ever experienced. The "VideoWave has stopped working" is a constant error. Encoding menu always stop at 97% and to top it off I had a technical support person from Corel who supports Roxio products who stayed on my computer for 3 whole hours and couldn't solve the problem!!! they are clueless even though this problem has apparently happened to many people and they won't even take the time to try to correct it.

  • John - pretty sure it was the drink, not positive but passed

    Worked not sure if it was the drink tho cuz it has no creative or b vitamins so I dunno how it works or not but I do this all the time lol so take creative not detox oils m b vitamins n a lot of water for a week before at least then drink the drinks n maybe it masks or sum how cleans it but it cud come up "not enough creatine" that's def happens before with many drinks so limit water intake within 60 min and start taking creatine a week or days before

  • Adam Boorstein - great for cleaning gummed up carbs

    I had a 2000 VN 800 drifter that would idle but as soon as you gave it gas would die out. Clear signs of a clogged carburetor. Following the advice of a friend I picked up some Sea Foam and poured half a can into a fresh tank of gas. After letting it run for 20 minutes I was able to slow start giving it more gas. I then began riding around the neighborhood. Then I rode the piss out of it until I ran out of gas. Filled it back up, emptied the other half of the can into the tank. Ran that through. Now the bike runs great.