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  • Ron S. - Autodeck sucks

    I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with Autodesk. I have used Autocad software since the mid 1990's and I purchased Autocad LT 2015 some 6 months ago thru Amazon. I purchased the stand alone license with the dvd software. I recently purchased a new Lenovo laptop and tried to load Autocad LT 1015 software onto it using a dvd drive. I could not activate the software no matter how many times I sent emails to Autocad requesting a new activation code and uninstalling the software and re-installing it. Since I am leaving on a business trip tomorrow and could not get any help from Autodesk on this installation problem and without my cadd software I lose $$$ per day, I had to spend another $1200 with Amazon to purchase yet another copy of Autocad 2015. Believe me when I say if I could find another cadd software to use for my business I would buy it in a second. I don not know how the support team at Autodesk can sleep at night know how they leave customers who pay so much money for their product in the lurch. I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy.

  • Ollie - Tried it once and it worked OK. I can't ...

    Tried it once and it worked OK. I can't seem to manually enter data for a history plot. The cables are so short it's difficult to set up. There isn't much information on how to use it and what the icons mean or do.

  • J. Laster - Multi-purpose Glue is awesome

    I love this glue. I'VE USED IT FOR CRAFT PURPOSES ONLY. It's not carried at my local home improvement store, so I usually purchase it via mail order. This product works well in providing the "CRACKLE FINISH/ WOOD CRACKLE LOOK" that is seen in lots of furniture and crafts. I use it the same way I would any other crackle medium, only this product gives much better results. I have used it with household interior latex water based paints as well as with craft paints. NOTE OF CAUTION: This glue dries relatively fast, so give it your undivided attention when spreading it on.

  • Amazon Customer - Works with my TomTom watch!

    I got these because I have a TomTom Spark Cardio+Music and wanted headphones that wouldn't break the bank. They paired perfectly to the watch (I guess there has been a lot of issues with name brand ones not connecting), as well as my iPhone and laptop. Sound quality is good, wish there was a bit more bass, but it is what it is. Overall, great product for the price.

  • Lady Ladyson - At Long Last!

    As a female I've spent my whole life having to scratch all written messages into the kitchen table with my perfectly manicured nails between cooking meals and making clothes. Finally a writing utensil suited for my delicate hands!

  • Hedonist In Moderation - Always Needed In Pole Bag

    This is a great starter product for all pole-dancing newbies. I think it's good for basic holds and basic inverts. However, once fancy combos come in play, it's less effective for those who have sweaty hands. I personally have super sweaty/nervous hands so I need to do a cocktail. I usually tack up with Tite Grip 30 minutes prior and use Dry Hands throughout the pole class. I also use a third product to help tack up as well so I alternate between this Dry Hands and a powder.

  • Amazon Customer - Best tasting BCAA's ive ever had

    Best tasting BCAA's ive ever had. Super important to have pre or post workout because it helps retain muscle by preventing your msuvles from eating away at themselves during/post work out - which is why you see BCAA in all whey protein.