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Portland Natural Health Clinic- Heart Spring Health - Our Portland-based natural health clinic, Heart Spring Health, provides the highest quality natural medical care, including acupuncture, massage & more. Call 503-956-9396.

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  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/serron-wilkie-nd-lac/ Serron Wilkie, ND, LAc - Heart Spring Health - Dr. Serron Wilkie is an award-winning Portland naturopath who focuses on a full spectrum of care; including,integrative oncology, fertility, anxiety & more.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/jason-wells-nd-lac/ Jason Wells, ND, LAc - Heart Spring Health - Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon specializing in the treatment of autoimmunity, inflammation, digestive illness, and chronic pain.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/laurie-menk-otto-nd-mph/ Laurie Menk Otto, ND, MPH - Heart Spring Health - Dr. Menk Otto is a Portland Naturopathic Physician focusing on environmental allergy, sublingual immunotherapy, food sensitivity, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/angela-cortal-nd/ Angela Cortal, ND - Heart Spring Health - Dr. Angela Cortal - Naturopathic Doctor in Portland, OR, focus in Regenerative Injection Therapies (prolotherapy and PRP) and hormone balancing
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/reba-akin-nd-cpt/ Reba Akin, ND, CPT - Heart Spring Health - Dr. Reba has 18 years of wellness practice and is a Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Health Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/carrie-staller-dc/ Carrie Staller, DC - Heart Spring Health - Carrie Staller provides Chiropractic care in Portland, specializing in pain, headache, numbness, tingling and care after auto accidents or injuries
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/stephanie-swanson-lac/ Stephanie Swanson, LAc - Heart Spring Health - Chinese medicine practitioner in Portland, OR, providing holistic care for all conditions, with a focus on fertility, pregnancy, women’s health, and pain.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/alexandra-ricketts-lac/ Alexandra Ricketts, LAc - Heart Spring Health - Alexandra Ricketts is a Classical Chinese Medicine practitioner and utilized acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, and various forms of bodywork.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/inez-coppola-lac/ Inez Coppola, LAc - Heart Spring Health - Inez Coppola, L.Ac. is an intuitive healer who practices classical Chinese medicine, herbal medicine and energy work at a Portland acupuncture clinic.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/kalle-skurla-lac/ Kalle Skurla, LAc - Heart Spring Health - Dedicated practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in Portland, focusing on holistic treatment of pain, fatigue, insomnia & digestive illness
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/talula-kana-lmt/ Talula Kana, LMT - Heart Spring Health - Talula Kana is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Craniosacral Therapy, massage, treatment of injury from auto accidents, acute and chronic pain.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/adam-persinger-lmt/ Adam Persinger, LMT - Heart Spring Health - Adam Persinger practices Meditation, Yoga, Massage, and Rolfing Structural Integration. He helps patients decrease chronic pain, injury, and stress.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/meagen-alm-lmt/ Portland Massage Therapist - Meagen Alm - Meagen Alm is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Portland specializing in Chinese Massage, treatment of injury from auto accidents & acute & chronic pain.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/teresa-laughlin-lmt/ Teresa Laughlin, LMT - Heart Spring Health - Teresa is a licensed massage therapist and Shamanic Reiki practitioner, skilled at creating a deeply nourishing, therapeutic and relaxing experience.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/andrea-anglin-clinic-manager/ Andrea Anglin, Clinic Manager - Heart Spring Health - Andrea Anglin is the Clinic Manager at Heart Spring Health, Portland naturopathic clinic.
  • http://heartspringhealth.com/team/tameka-thompson-office-manager/ Tameka Thompson, Billing - Heart Spring Health - Tameka Thompson has been in the insurance industry since 2005 and consistently helps make billing operations at Heart Spring Health run smoothly.
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  • http://heartspringhealth.com/services/naturopathic-medicine/healing-power-nature/ Portland Naturopathic Medicine & Healing - The body has an inherent self-healing process & our Portland naturopathic physicians can help facilitate.
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  • J. C. - Works better than great

    Overall, this product stacks up to its promise. I have used it multiple times and each time, the glass do look "invisible" afterwards. Very easy to use.

  • abanker - Great game, but NSFW

    This came before the actual game. I bought the dental fixtures separately and my cousins and I had an amazing time.

  • Kiomarys Corretjer - Great product!!

    I wanted to wait to do a review after 2 months. I'm getting ready to order my 3rd bottle!!! I'm very happy with this product!!! I have been steadily loosing weight without the jitters/nerves or other side effects I've gotten from other diet pills before. It helps to use the bathroom in a smooth natural way, no high and no side effects whatsoever. I don't have the time to workout but it's still helped me to get back to my healthy weight. I've lost 20 pounds in 2 months and that's amazing for me.

  • Jennifer Hiles - Haven't seen much difference yet but I will keep using and let you know.

    I've been using this product faithfully for 11 days and I haven't noticed much of a difference. It says to put it right above you eyelashes, after washing your face at night. I followed the directions. On the plus side, I didn't lose any eyelashes like one reviewer did. But I also didn't notice any growth or thickening. Maybe I need to use it a little longer. If I see more results, I will update my review. Be careful putting it on, though, it will sting a little if you get it in your eyes, at least it did for me. Beauty products work differently for everyone. I see many reviews had excellent results so I will keep trying. I am a fan of Argan oil so I feel like I am doing something good for my poor little lashes.

  • Love2shop/review - Vinalta good quality product for a good price

    I got this for my friend who I work with. Since she started using this product I noticed her skin is glowing no more uneven skin tone and her bags under her eyes seemed to lighten and this is just after 3 days of using it once in the morning and once before bed .You dont have to use alot of it either .This little bottle goes a long way.I thinkthe next bottle I will keep for myself.

  • Brigid's Veil - You do not have to be a witch to enjoy this datebook

    You do not have to be a witch to enjoy this datebook. If you enjoy keeping up with: astrology, moon phases, planting and harvesting days, solar eclipses, when holidays are, when each Celtic Tree month begins, tid-bits of history, etc. this book is a neat buy. Each year has different things in it, but the ones mentioned are consistent. The 2016 has a recipe for eggs baked in grits, briefly discusses Ostara and other pagan holidays, The Hawk Moon, The Raven Moon, The Snake Moon, and so-on.

  • Starzo - Is not for me

    I bought this product hoping it would remove the few hairs above my lips. I followed the instructions, the first time leaving the removal cream on for 6 minutes, did not work, next time tried leaving it on for 8 minutes, did not work, was going to try 10 minutes, but accidently left it on for 12 minutes, did not work.