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  • Mike Karim - IGNORE 1-Star & 2-Star Reviews! You can use this with "well placed" confidence as a *test*

    Just added this to my wife's car a week ago: the entire bottle. Do this when you do an oil change; just tell the gal/guy to hold back 8 oz.

  • Diancatzdogz - Glitch ruins the software for me

    I was doing my taxes and got the whole way to the end and did the error checking and everything was fine. I printed it out and a small sale of stocks did not transfer to the 1040 so I went in and checked again. The sale doesn't even show up in the summary of income. emailed support in case i did anything wrong and I did nothing wrong so I called H&R and it is a glitch and I am still waiting for their techs to call me!! to fix it (I was told that someone would call me in 1 -2 days), I am going to call again Monday and tell them I want a refund of this garbage. I have never had a problem with taxcut other than some language that was hard to understand but this is unacceptable. I surely don't want to be audited because of their glitch, I don't need the stress of preparing for it.

  • Ryan Karolak - Great

    Going into using Rocksmith I have zero guitar experience and very little other musical instrument experience.

  • Matt Holloway - Half the price of Yeti and just as good. Go buy it. No brainer unless you're a frat boy who can't live without Yeti on his cup.

    Came in the mail yesterday. I've been wanting one of these after finding this company about a month ago randomly on the internet. For half the price of Yeti, I had to try it out. Can't say enough about it. Made well and does exactly what a Yeti would do. Would give it 100 stars if I could. Glad there is a company out there that doesn't try to destroy your bank account over an Ice chest and tumbler!

  • Deborah R. Inman - Another great read

    Love this out of order, but, still as good. This one was. A these , as I am a proofreader , so will have to wait patiently for the next.