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  • A. P Young - This is So Stupid!!! Read my post first.

    OMG what a Stupid movie. the aliens are so absoulte in power they could imagian us dead. and we can beat them the first time. the first move was good. now they are so powerful it is a joke we could think to beat them again. they are even more powerful than before by far. we have their weapons and ships and still cant touch them. when 8 guys with their lazer hand guns cant hit one large alien with no weapons from 15 feet away and one guy with machetes can slide from across 20 feet under the legs of the alien and come from behind and stab it to death... LOL what a Joke and a waste of money. the entire move is complete trash. dont wast you time or money.

  • toddg - Phantom of the Jesus

    Too much opera, not enough rock. When I bought this recording, I expected to hear Jesus Christ Superstar, not Phantom of the Opera! Gone are Ian Gillan's dynamics, from sweet, soft, tender, vocals to intense, high-pitched, screaming vibratos. Replaced instead with someone who would be better served playing the role of "Cherubino" in the Marriage of Figaro. Murray Head, while perhaps not the worlds best vocalist, brought passion and a lot of emotion to the part of Judas. Zubin Varla brings a bunch of right notes, but little else. I've had this recording for over a year now and despite several attempts, (the most recent one bieng last night) I've only made it to the end once. I simply find this version unlistenable. If you've never heard the original or simply didn't like it, you may find this one to your liking. As for me... I grew up with the original version and sadly, have found all other renditions I have heard to be musical blasphemy!

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing Product and Works Great!

    I stumped on this product while researching for weight loss products on Amazon. After carefully reading the reviews I realized this product was for those who had lots of weight to lose and didn't see many reviews for those whose BMI is not very high. I took a chance and brought the product anyway to see if it works for me. I am writing this review for those who are not heavily overweight but still want to lose weight. I started this product few weeks ago. My weight at the beginning of taking this product was 131 pounds and my target weight is 116-118 pounds (I am 5'3.5 inches). I followed the directions of using the product as per other reviews. 2 days of gorging food and eating all I like and then from 3rd day on I took 12 drops thrice a day and restricted my meals to under 600 calories per day, so added fat or sugar. I mostly ate steamed fish or shrimp with steamed vegetables. Had coffee with Truvia and non-fat dairy creamer (twice a day). I did cheat once or twice a week. After 2 plus weeks in to using this product I lost 7 pounds (Considering my weight and BMI losing 7 pounds isn't easy) I am at 123.4 pounds as of now. I am on to buying my second bottle. This product curbs appetite and cravings and helps lose fat. If you are looking for a product to lose weight, try this one, you wont regret it. Make sure you follow the VLCD with no fat and sugar to help you lose weight. Good Luck!

  • preston - Best Workout Machine

    Alright everyone, if you are looking for a workout machine.THIS IS IT! Its not like working out at all.Very low impact on your knees. You can watch TV and 20 minutes goes by before you know it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!