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  • Elynia Byers - LOVE IT!!!

    I love it!! Just got it this morning and I made a 12 pound turkey....Yummy it was delicious...took it out of the box the set up was easy almost self explanitory because i didn't use the manual for the set up. But was coureous of how to cook with it so i popped out the cd manual that came with it and was ready to cook my turkey. (I like to marinate my meats so I preseasoned it the night before.) Let it cook for a couple of hours and man that turkey was DELICIOUS!!. See normally when people bake a turkey, it sits in its dripping as it cooks, with all that fatty grease...I was super impressed cause this one was roticierized (if thats a word lol) and when I pulled the bottom pan out i was amazed at how much grease was at the bottom...smh cause before i got this oven, just imaging how much of that grease i consumed in the past...the clean up was quite easy cause i am lazy hate to wash dishes but that something we gotta do. I think i spent my money wisely this time especially investing in something healthy and energy saving....its worth your dollar believe that!!!

  • ConsumerJules - Glad we did as our baby was born 4 weeks ...

    Purchased 2 - one for my car and one for my husband's. Glad we did as our baby was born 4 weeks pre-maturely and don't think a traditional detachable car seat would have been safe for my little one as their minimum baby weights were higher than my baby's birth weight. The Tiny Fit feature is exactly what we needed!

  • John Short - This is good stuff

    A little pricey, but I could not find this stuff anywhere else except on line, so I expected to pay more. Over all a good transaction. I love the product. It is clear and light and odorless. Perfect for anything that needs lube but not messy.

  • Steve Hattan - Customer For Life

    It came in on time and packaged perfectly...probably even better had it been directly from the manufacturer. My first print job was labels, using the office max brand label. When I applied the labels to the post cards I was sending the ink smeared and I could hardly read the address. I was extremely disappointed in the quality of the toner at that point. Then I printed a regular sheet of paper and there was no smudge. As it turns out, the culprit behind the smearing of the label was the label itself. When I switched to Avery Labels there was no smearing. So, needless to say, I was/am extremely happy with eh replacement toner I bought and will most likely ALWASY buy from this company. Great job LD!!!