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  • Kyle Bonorden - Honest to goodness life changer

    Am a 43 year old male. Have had sleep issues for the past 15 years. Started using the basic mat under my legs every night, and now I sleep like a 12 year old, i.e. dead to the world.

  • Tiffany - A holy grail product i can't live without!!

    If you thinking about purchasing this product, go for it! I love this stuff and can't live without it! I've been using this for about 10 years now. I always use this only on my dry hair after straightening or wearing it natural. Makes my hair so shiny soft and silky. I use about a half a pump and apply the product from the mid shaft of my hair to the ends. It will never be greasy if you only apply a half a pump to whole pump. I promise it's worth investing the money in. Smells great as well! I hope and pray they never discontinue this product! Hope you enjoy it as much as I have the past decade :)!

  • Southcityca - WOW, Much much better than last year!!!

    You can listen to this album over, and over, and over. All the tracks are great, and they vary in musical style. Wonderful for long trips, when I set the player on "random track".

  • PNguyen - the information covered in this book is helpful like all the sig codes

    This is a decent PTCB Exam study guide. I have worked in the pharmacy for a little over a year now and, for the most part, the information covered in this book is helpful like all the sig codes, conversions, and hospital pharmacy information. But this should not be someone's only resource for studying for the PTCB at all. Disclaimer: I received this product free or at a reduced price for an exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and are genuine. I do lots of these reviews and take pride in my reviews. I know lots of buyers get suspicious when they see a disclaimer like this, but just know that I have no reason to lie. I purchase lots of regular priced items on Amazon and I always rely on reviews to make an informed purchase, so I feel obligated to help others make an informed purchase. . I am always honest with my reviews and try to point out facts that a potential customer might find useful. I received this product for free or at a discounted price with my honest and unbiased review. This in no way affects my view of this product. If my review helped please take a second and click that it was helpful below. I have no affiliation with the company, and I did not receive any compensation for trying this. I do not receive any benefit from giving only positive reviews, and I will certainly give a negative review for a product if it should be warranted. I also do not review anything that I would not have otherwise purchased on my own. All opinions are my own in a reflection of my personal experience with this product, seller, and/or service.

  • Dendronotus - Meets my criteria

    I wanted a case that held at least 3 cards, had a kickstand, and had a lip to protect the glass. Check, check, check. I previously had stowaways for other phones but I like this one better because the kickstand is nicer and more stable. Yes, it's thick but I'm ok with that.

  • Nate Patrick Durham - these things are great

    these things are great. they charge what you need without usiiing too much of its own juice. perfect fpr hiking or long bike rides.Like the digital view screen for power usage and when its time to recharge

  • OCMama - Very impressed

    I purchased this kit in April (2012) and have used ever since. I battled acne in my early teens and was put on accutane and my skin cleared up.. until I had my first child 4yrs ago and my face turned into pizza. It was oily and I would get small small bumps all over my forehead and chin. It cleared up with the help of proactive. What I didnt like about proactive is that it made my face itch like crazy and that the day you go off it your bad skin comes back.. and ten times worse!