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Women's Center Pelvic Health: Nationally recognized, comprehensive treatment for gynecology problems, such as: hysterectomy, urinary incontinence, endometriosis, abnormal uterine bleeding performed laparoscopically. - Celebration Health Florida Hospital, Women's Center for Pelvic Health is a truly unique facility, offering you a comprehensive one-of-a-kind health care experience.

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  • Brandy - My baby does great on the regular Mommgs bliss probiotics

    My baby does great on the regular Mommgs bliss probiotics, thinking this would make him do ever better we tried it. Man was that a mistake he has miserable stomach pains the 2 days he took these :( We went back to the regular ones after taking two days off and he's doing fine again.

  • JayeB - Love it, except for the price

    Love it, except for the price. I use less than recommended, but it still works like a charm. Joint pains, gone. Fatigue, gone. Those were my main issues, and I feel 100% better. Give it a try.

  • Diane8513 - Outstanding and inspiring!

    I can thank my Mom for this nice surprise. I am a huge Fixer Upper fanatic. She knew I would want to read this. I can the voices of Joanna and Chip all through the chapters. It also reaffirms just how authentic they are. I love their honesty. I laughed many times and cried a few. Most of all I came away truly inspired.

  • S. Wu - Best Elliptical Trainer...period - Features, Reliability, & Price

    My wife and I searched and searched for an elliptical because we were fed up with signing up for gym memberships and not using them. Having to go to the gym just wasn't practical for us. So we embarked on a quest to find the quietest, most reliable and feature packed elliptical we could find.

  • Terry - Good for a piece of paper, nothing even slightly heavier.

    These definitely do not hold frames. Maybe they would be fine for a college student's concert poster (unframed), but I just purchased two frames for photos as a gift for my husband and they each crashed down off the wall within 15 minutes of being hung and completely obliterated the news frames I also purchased. When I took the strips off the wall along came the paint with one of them. Now I have wall repair, shattered glass to clean up and no frames for the photos I was hanging as a surprise.

  • Donna - It is very easy to install and works as intended

    The product is as stated. It kind of reminds me of a shade that you pull down. It is very easy to install and works as intended!