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  • Stanley R. Schneider - Nothing much new and boring too

    I'm something of a political junkie and was eagerly awaiting this book. As a subscriber to the Washington Post. I read Dan Balz's columns during the election and feel that he didn't do much more than regurgitate them here. It's a long boring slog. The author doesn't even get to the general election until about page 300. There are 27 chapters in the book and many read like stand alone essays. Having a couple of chapters on whether Obama is a boring person is well...boring. And reading a fifteen page chapter on an asterisk like Tim Pawlenty is mind numbing. In general the author dawdles on the front end,and compresses the general election in the back end, no doubt thinking of his publication deadline. The author spends only a few sentences each on the subjects of Michele Bachmann, Obamacare, and Benghazi, but takes 15 pages to describe the process of selecting Paul Ryan as VP. About the only new thing I learned about in the book was the arguments going on back stage with Chris Christie before he went on stage to give his keynote address at the GOP convention.

  • carol - shampoo

    I like it myself it has pleasant fragrance cleans my hair good I am going to buy its conditioner too right now I am using the conditioner kiss my face which is great but I like the fragrance of this shampoo

  • billywoo - Love it

    Love it. Think I actually like it better than " bridges" or original free flow. Much smoother movement.

  • Business leader - Bait and Switch

    This product invites you to use it to publish music. Upon installing the software, you are informed that it is a copyright infringement if you do not buy their publishing rights license (for an additional $256). In other words, your not even supposed to use the drum loops! This is a classic con called "bait and switch," in my legal opinion. The leading competitor, Sony's 

  • missxgaia - WOW!

    I really dig this stuff. The plumping is subtle but definitely there. Color is to die for (Elizabeth) and it's not too sticky like other lip plumpers. Would buy again!