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  • Sewcrazy60 - AcuRite 613 Hunidity Monitor

    If you're looking for a nice looking, easy to read Humidity Monitor and don't care about accuracy, this is the unit to purchase. I bought two to keep track of humidity in different parts of homes I watch during the summer months in Florida. After installing new batteries in each, placing them next to each other over night, I had a temperature reading of each at exactly the same. The humidity between each other ranged from 4%-5% different. I contacted AcuRite about the humidity discrepancy and they said their units are guaranteed to be accurate between each other, up to 10%. If 10% is the best they can do, they need to get out of the humidity monitor department. If I knew these units were that inaccurate, I would never have bought them! I'll be looking for a more accurate company/model and purchase them. The old standard goes into effect here, "You Get What You Pay For". At $9.98 each and free shipping, I should have known better!

  • Annette Reader - Totally worth the wait

    Mrs. Welch, you continue to outdo yourself. The two books offer a clear insight into who Gabriel is and where he came from. I absolutely loved this book, the storyline, the development of the characters, especially Valeriya. She is a uniquely strong character right from the onset who was determined and passionate about her cause a n d live fir her people. Gabriel use to be my least favorite character in this series but that totally changed after reading these books. I know there were issues downloading the book with Amazon but it was definitely worth the wait. Can't wait to read again!!!!

  • Joe Z - It's okay

    I'm not a huge fan of Hoyle games. They have a clunky DOS feel (if you remember DOS), but like the other collection I have, this collection plays well. Everything has the same look and feel. I don't know if there's any AI other than what's built in. I play most of the games well enough to win most of the time, which doesn't seem quite right to me. Satisfying, yes, but am I learning anything. Dunno. Still a nice collection for the price.