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  • S McG - Buy up this razor doesn't work very good!

    My husband is in an Alzheimer's Care Unit and I purchased the razor for him. I had the opportunity to shave him and was disappointed in the performance of this razor. I had to go over and over an area to get hair removed.

  • Cindi - This brand is the most amazing brand I have found

    First off let me just say that if you are on the fence about this, check out their entire line!!!! Just do it! This brand is the most amazing brand I have found! I have bought almost every item they have and keep coming back for more. I haven't found anything this company makes that hasn't been a great purchase. I used this for the first time tonight, I have stress and anxiety issues, so my hair comes out pretty easily. Not to mention damage from hair dyes and over processing. The box is clearly labeled with what it claims to do, as well as directions for use. You get 8 packs of treatment as well as a hair cap to use with each treatment. The smell is pretty good, I don't have an issue with it. After use I dried my hair and I truly felt like my hair was instantly healthier, more moisturized, and my scalp felt....clean!!! I love this stuff. With continued use I am entirely confident that my hair will grow healthy and shiny like it should. Thank you Pura d'Or!!! Keep it up!

  • Opeyemi F. - In the box there was another small box with Smart watch written above watch drawings imprinted on the box ...

    This watch arrived at my doorstep early in a small brown packaging box.In the box there was another small box with Smart watch written above watch drawings imprinted on the box and a bar-code beside of it.In the box theres a manual,a USB charger, and finally the smart watch.

  • Cori K. - So much fun and great exercise!

    Best game EVER! For all ages! We have family over and dance the night away while bironing calories and having a blast! You must have a good amount of space for the Kinect to fit more than 2 dancers comfortably. We do a lot of hitting of elbows. This game is SO good for aerobic exercise!!

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    Happy Kids is a very good kids channel. It not only entertains but at the same time educate the kids of all age groups. Here, in this channel, one find lots of music, stories and activities. So just go ahead and download this channel and make your kids happy...