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  • munirah - I really don't recommend this shampoo

    I really don't recommend this shampoo . The smell is horrible and make the hair more drier than before. If there was half star ,I would put one.

  • Shonna Terrill - Warp Tour Compilation Review

    My daughter loved the gift and it was on time and had not issues getting it delivered.Highly recommend item to Warp tour fans

  • Tara Hart - For the money these are great. They we a near perfect fit except for ...

    For the money these are great. They we a near perfect fit except for one hole (on the mudflap not the truck) that needed to be open up a little more. They look strong and durable.

  • debra starr - Great vacuum for $$$.

    I spent some time comparing reviews of the Shark vacuums, especially as they compared to the Dyson, and finally bought this model yesterday at Bed Bath & Beyond. It was $159 and I had my expired 20% off coupon which they honored. I put it together in under five minutes without needing instructions. Before I used it I vacuumed the floor with my current vacuum (Bissel) as I normally would. Then I went over the same area with the Shark. I could not believe how much the Shark picked up that the Bissel left behind. It filled the collection cup. So I went over the area again. And it filled the cup a second time. I could not believe how much pet hair and actual dirt was in my carpet when I thought it was clean! I use carpet fresh type products as well as baking soda to freshen my carpets from time to time. Apparently, that stuff had been staying in my carpet when I vacuumed because it ALL came out yesterday. I could immediately tell a difference in the suction of the Shark as I used it. My daughter Shannon said she could see it tugging on the carpet fibers as I used it. And even though the Shark has far superior suction to anything I ever used, it only weighs 12 pounds and practically propelled itself across my carpet. And it left those cool "vacuum tracks" in my carpet that I hadn't seen in a while with the Bissel. My carpet actually looked clean and felt "squishier" when we walked on it. The collection cup empties so easily. And the Hepa filter system works great. There is no dusty smell when I vacuum. And the lift away feature is awesome. I can take the canister with me as I do furniture, drapes, ceilings, etc. Today I'll use it to do my stairs! It came with a crevice tool, an extension pole, an upholstery tool, and best of all an attachment with a rotating brush for stairs or smaller areas. With three dogs and three cats, my daughter immediately put this to use on our couches and wow, what a difference. I was originally going to buy the Nv502 after reading great reviews about it, but when I tried it at BB&B I found it to feel very cheaply constructed and unwieldy. And it was almost $100 more even though it was on clearance. I tried this model and liked it immediately. I give this vacuum four stars to start with. The fifth star will come after I've used it for a while and see how it holds up. For the money, I can't believe what an awesome vacuum I now have. I'm actually looking forward to cleaning house today. Now I'll know my carpets are actually CLEAN. Hope this helps.

  • Derek - Also fit 06-10 model

    Took a risk and got these for my 07 charger knowing they were not meant for my model, but figured it would be fine if they only slightly didn't fit. Happy to post that they fit excellent!

  • madalisle - Absolutley NO Results

    I read a lot of reviews on several products in this category. I read enough good ones about this product and it was a reasonable price so I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't miss a single night of putting this on for exactly 7 weeks. It says you will see results after 4 weeks but I gave it almost double the time and I literally do not see a difference in my lashes whatsoever. What a waste of time and money!!! You're wasting your time as well if you use this product.