Medical Tourism & Healthcare In India | IndianMedTrip - Medical Tourism in India. IndianMedTrip aims to provide world class, cost-effective medical facilities connecting global patients with medical care in India.

  • About Us | Medical Tourism India | IndianMedTrip - Indian Med Trip provide affordable healthcare packages, excellent medical facilities, best hospitals and experienced surgeons with less medical vacation packages.
  • Services | Health Tourism India | IndianMedTrip - Indian Med Trip ensures to provide best medical treatment in India at affordable medical packages. We help you right from planning medical procedures to tourism.
  • How IndianMedTrip Work? | IndianMedTrip - IndianMedTrip assist health travelers to get best healthcare facilities in India. We help you in every phase of your medical tourism journey.
  • Andrology & Urology Treatment In India | IndianMedTrip - Andrology is concerned with Male infertility treatment. Indian Med Trip is associated with some best andrologists in Chennai and Mumbai.
  • Ayurvedic and Herbal Treatments In India | IndianMedTrip - India is famous for alternative treatments like ayurved, homeopathy and herbal. At IndianMedTrip we offer not only exotic tourist destination but full health care.
  • IVF Treatment India, Surrogacy centers India | IndianMedTrip - Assisted Reproductive Technique deals with fertility treatments to achieve pregnancy using procedures like in vitro fertilization, surrogacy, assisted hatching.
  • Obesity and Weight Loss surgery In India | IndianMedTrip - At Indian Med Trip, we help patients having extreme obesity and want to loose weight. We provide you access to best hospitals in India for weight-loss treatment.
  • Cheaper Bone Marrow Transplant In India | IndianMedTrip - The average cost of Bone Marrow Transplant in India is considerable less than in European countries. We at Indian Med Trip provide you best hospitals in India.
  • Heart & Cardiac Surgery In India | IndianMedTrip - Patients from all around the world visit India for Heart surgery just because low cost, quality treatment. IMT connects you with best cardiac hospitals in India.
  • Colon and Rectal Surgery In India | IndianMedTrip - Any damage to colon, rectum or anus is treated with colorectal surgery. Indian Med Trip hospitals in India treated this with radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
  • Plastic, Cosmetic Surgery in India : Cost, Types & Benefits - Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery is used to Enhance Looks, Appearance, Persona for Self Improvements. IndianMedTrip offers Affordable Cosmetic Surgeries in India.
  • CyberKnife Radiosurgery For Cancer Treatment | IndianMedTrip - Cyberknife Radiosurgery is best ever treatment for cancer. Indian Med Trip offers highly advanced cyberknife radiosurgery treatment at very affordable cost.
  • Dental Implant, Cosmetic Dentistry In India | IndianMedTrip - India is preferred destination for dental tourism due to low cost dental implant surgery and high-quality dental treatment from popular dental clinics in India.
  • Ear Cochlear Implants Treatment India | IndianMedTrip - IndianMedTrip offers affordable medical facilities for ENT treatment. We have our tie ups with famous ENT centers of India in major cities like Kolkata, Delhi.
  • GammaKnife Surgery Centers In India | IndianMedTrip - Gamma Knife Radiosurgery is non-invasive treatment for disease like brain tumor, Parkinson's. We provide you with best Gamma Knife centers in India at low cost.
  • Best Surgical Gastroenterology in India | IndianMedTrip - India is best destination for treatment of diseases related to liver, gall bladder & pancreas. IndianMedTrip provide you top Gastroenterology surgeons in India.
  • Gynaecology & Obstetrics Treatment in Delhi | IndianMedTrip - Indian Med Trip provide hospitals for Gynaecology & Obstetrics treatment in India that offer world-class 24 hour urgent care services.
  • Liver Cirrhosis Treatments in India | IndianMedTrip - Hepatology Deals with Liver treatment. We at Indian Med Trip offer you low cost packages for Liver cancer treatment in India and best liver doctors.
  • Kidney Treatment, Kidney Failure, Kidney Stone | IndianMedTrip - Indian Med Trip offers kidney stone treatment, kidney failure treatment and kidney transplant in India at affordable cost. We provide many renal treatment options.
  • Neurosurgery in India, Best Neurologists | IndianMedTrip - Indian Med Trip is best medical service provider for affordable brain tumor treatment in India. We provide you with best neurosurgeons, world-class hospitals.
  • Cost of Cancer Treatment in India | IndianMedTrip - Contact us to know the overall COST of Cancer Treatment in India. IndianMedTrip guides you to find the best cancer hospital & best cancer treatment package.
  • How Much Does Eye Surgery Cost In India? | IndianMedTrip - Indian Med Trip provides advanced options for surgical and non-surgical eye treatment in India, we are associated with best eye clinics and eye-specialists in India.
  • Best Organ Transplantation in India | IndianMedTrip - IndianMedTrip has partnerships with proficient organ transplantation hospitals in India for Kidney, Liver or heart transplant at most affordable price.
  • Total Bone & Joint Replacement Surgery Cost in India - India is a preferred destination for orthopedic surgery. We are associated with best Orthopedic Hospitals in India providing low cost & quality treatment.
  • Pediatric Orthopedics, Pediatric Surgeons | Indian Med Trip - Indian Med Trip healthcare facilities feature a large pool of highly skilled Pediatric orthopedic Surgeons from top cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad.
  • Affordable Health Check-Ups Packages India | Indian Med Trip - India has vast range of health care centers in Mumbai, Bangalore providing affordable screening programs and low cost medical packages and treatments.
  • Robot Assisted Surgery In India | IndianMedTrip - Major hospitals in India have provision for robotic surgery. Robotic surgeons in India use latest technology & highly technical procedures to treat major disease.
  • Best Spine Surgery In India, Spine Surgeon | IndianMedTrip - IndianMedTrip provide you with advanced spine surgery options like laser spine surgery, Endoscopic Spine Surgery, from best spine surgery centers in India.
  • Cost-Effective Stem Cell Treatment In India | IndianMedTrip - Stem Cell Therapy in India is fully implied to eliminate every sort of stem cell related disorder & diseases, with help of the latest technology at low cost.

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