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  • Deborah Berry - Works a stated

    This was an excellent little charger. I am using this because there are multiple phone in the household, and not enough outlets! It are exactly how it said it would. It plugs into the wall which I prefer over a USB port.

  • R VA - A geat machine for a great price 👍

    Affordable and works! It makes moving leaves easy and less fatigue for you. I have a steep incline that I move the leaves to the top for clean up and this accomplished that in very little time. It is shipped dry and included a bottle of oil for you to fill with. Double boxed and well protected. Attach the handle and off you go.

  • Stephanie - Worst side effects ever!

    Whether or not it works, I couldn't tell you. I ordered this product due to two blood test results showing high liver enzymes. I received this cleanse Saturday 6/11 and began to take it the day after (Sunday 6/12) as stated in directions, 3 in the morning and 3 at bedtime with sufficient fluid to avoid most side effects. The next morning (Monday 6/13), I woke up with a massive migraine. About two hours later, I began having chills, throat pain and tightness, bone and muscle pains, extreme weakness and dizziness. I took my temperature and it happened to be at 103.1! I had never felt as horrible as this in my life. I assume that the product works differently for everyone, but from my personal experience I do not recommend this product.

  • Brian & Tara Shaner - Have hope again

    Recently diagnosed (relatively young) with osteoarthritis, I was feeling lost and hopeless. Reading this book was helpful in that I do now believe I can at least slow down the degeneration, and maybe actually recover some of the mobility! The book covers all facets of arthritis, from the causality, treatment, and practical specific advice on moving forward with your life.

  • tomana - so good. Don't let the "they shouldn't have used rivets' ...

    For the price, this set seems quite stout. Haven't used it but a few weeks but so far, so good. Don't let the "they shouldn't have used rivets' scare you ... I had very high end cookware that had riveted handles. The build quality is very good and I expect to get many a year's use from this set. The non-stick coating works great (make sure you read the manual and follow all cleaning instructions). Using flames that are set too high kills any cookware, over time. Keep the flame low to medium and you'll have no problems. For searing, get a nice cast iron skillet {8^D