InflaNATION - The Industrial Diner & A Doc In The Box - Industrial Diners and A Doc In The Box | How industrial foods, medicines, water and living, along with a failed medical system based on intervention versus prevention, are killing Americans. The 21st Century will be remembered as the era of pandemic inflammatory diseases. What you do about it may very well save your life and your loved ones.

  • Contact Chris Rasmussen | INFLANATION - Contact Chris Rasmussen about his upcoming book, INFLANATION, or for speaking and consulting.
  • VACCINE BOOK PUBLISHING DATE OCTOBER 31, 2016 - InflaNATION - Soon to be released book on vaccines due out at the end of October 2016. This book is five years in the making and thousands of hours of research.
  • MARIJUANA SMOKERS MAY BE AT INCREASED RISK FOR ACCUMULATING ALUMINUM AND INCREASING THEIR BODY BURDEN OF THIS TOXIC METAL - InflaNATION - Scientists like Dr Exley reveal that modern cannabis is rich in aluminum (aluminium, UK). Yet aluminum (Al) is a neurotoxic metal.

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  • Rachel Goble - I've heard great things about castor oil and am now using it ...

    This is the newest item in my collection of oils and carrier oils. I've heard great things about castor oil and am now using it on my hair and scalp religiously. Searching the web garnars all types of recipes and information about castor oil. My favorite uses are for my eyelashes and hair. I have dandruff like crazy, and I use a "mask" of castor oil, honey and aloe vera gel plus juice from half a lemon. I leave it on for 30 minutes before showering/using my normal shampoo and conditioner routine. It's cut down on my dandruff and all the itchiness of my scalp.

  • Amazon Customer - For Skin

    I found this product in a drawer, I must have got it free with something, no idea what! it says on the bottle for Hair and skin. I've been using it on my face as I had ran out of moisturiser, I just wanted to tell people its fantastic, it's made my complexion more even and I'm sure the wrinkles I was starting to see have reduced a bit.I am trying to find the best price to buy a new bottle now.

  • CrystalMcBride - I love these. I have anxious and these calm me ...

    I love these. I have anxious and these calm me down great. Also friends is moody all the time so I gave her some to try and she was completely happy with her mood change she said it helped her get in a good mood and made her have energy she loves them as well

  • JaneyJaneJane - Definitely Not for Sensitive Skin

    I tried this a while back and found that it irritated my sensitive skin (even the one formulated for sensitive skin turned my face red). Aside from the ingredients probably causing my irritation, I believe exfoliating your facial tissue to be too harsh (and scrubs like this with ground up pits can lead to micro cuts and scarring and just exacerbate more acne). I'm happy that this works for others so well, but I'll stick to my twice weekly homemade fruit acid peels.

  • Ronda - I love them and glad to have found them on amazon

    I love them and glad to have found them on amazon, they sold out in stores within first day of release.

  • Jo G. - Meets My Needs

    So far, the WORX 2.0 is working great for my particular needs: One is that I have small areas of grass that would make a regular sized mower cumbersome and difficult to manage. Another is that as a senior woman I desired something lightweight. i've found the WORX 2.0 to work for both. Also it is well made and easy to operate. The YouTube video was especially useful for demonstrating how to assemble and operate, easily. Good price too!