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City: 9.491 , Germany

  • No name - Fantastic are the pros and present I have ever got!

    This product definitely works. When u first use it it definitely stings but after a couple of uses doesn't sting at all as hair is less. Do not flash the light on the same place twice thinking that it will kill hairs faster, I did this and burned myself ..ouch.

  • Sheila R - Tames my curls and calms my frizz - very happy girl! :)

    I have been very happy with the results when using this brush. It's great for when you are in a hurry and don't have the time it takes to section off your hair and slowly straighten each section with a flat iron. Where it takes me 20 or 30 minutes to straighten my hair with a flat iron - I can get great results with this brush in less than 5 minutes. I also feel like it is not damaging my hair like the flat iron does. If you are looking for bone straight, flat to your head hair - use your flat iron. If you want to tame your curls and frizzies, but still have a bit of body - get this brush.

  • VOXReviewer - Stay away from this product!!!!!!

    This product gets zero stars, they are forcing me to give it one star. Do not buy it. One of the most aggravating experiences I have had in years. Spent four hours today working on this, two hours with tech support, to find out there is some kind of problem that would not allow Quciken to download my data. I am going to try Ace Money.

  • NELS R BALWIT - Easy to install. Take your time follow the instructions.

    I followed the instructions and it installed almost perfectly. I got if off center by like 1mm. Not at all the fault of the product, I was a bit too fast. Should have read the instruction twice. Two protectors came in the package so if it bothers my mild OCD I can fix it. It slightly changes the feel of the home button, you can feel the screen protector. Not a big deal at all.

  • K.B. - Great bag for Kindle or Chromebook

    I bought this so I would have a bag to carry my kindle and other things. It's a great size, fits up to a Samsung Chromebook 1. There are tons of pockets - so many that I'm still finding some! I wish the strap was a bit longer but otherwise this is a great bag to carry your electronics and stuff that you don't want to bring in a larger bag. The padded area in the back has kept my electronics very safe.

  • C. Bowser - Doubtful that product is real when glasses broke after 3rd wear.

    I really liked the look of the glasses...until a lens popped out. I think I will just stick to $10 sunglasses. They never seem to break or get lost.

  • W.M. LOWE - Leaked worse after using it and no resivoir wasn't overflowing went ...Guarenteded or money back, I want my money back !

    Leaked worse after using it and no resivoir wasn't overflowing went from a quarter size to 8 ozs. leak after 3 days