Instituto Roche, Medicina Individualizada - Acercar la Medicina Personalizada a la sociedad, formación de los profesionales sanitarios, traslación del conocimiento procedente de la investigación genómica a la clínica

  • Instituto Roche, Medicina Individualizada - AVISO LEGAL Y CONDICIONES DE USO - Mejorar la salud y la calidad de vida de las personas es el objetivo del Instituto Roche para las Soluciones Integrales de Salud
  • El @InstitutoRoche lanza la tercera edición del Premio de Periodismo en #MedicinaPersonalizada #PeriodismoIR - premiodeperiodismo - El @InstitutoRoche lanza la tercera edición del Premio de Periodismo en #MedicinaPersonalizada #PeriodismoIR

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  • KingfisherHB - Terrible design! Would not buy again...

    This is a horribly designed snack tray. The way it snaps into the stroller puts it at a weird angle, making it hard to see the snacks in the tray as well as hard to grab the snacks placed inside the tray. The drink holder is on the smaller side and barley holds any of my daughters sippy cups. Ergonomically, a terrible design. The angle pitch is to high, terrible design for any child's reach.

  • Ashley - Love this Product

    Im totally in love with this face cleanser. Makes skin feel refreshed and clean. Has a wonderful clean smell also which is a plus. I recommend using this with facial cream.

  • Laurel - I am disappointed as 1) the smell of this is nothing like ...

    I bought this due to reading and hearing people rave about this. I am disappointed as 1) the smell of this is nothing like I was expecting. To me it has a "hospital-y" smell. 2.) As far as moisturization/ aiding with dry skin this didn't do anything superior to the baby baths that we used prior to this one. Note that this does not create a "bubble bath" as the bubbling is minimal (that did not affect my review though as I did not buy it as a bubble bath- just an observation I made compared to competing brands) Overall this is "okay" but I don't think we will re-order. I will stick with the J&J calming baby bath as that one does the trick for us and smells a lot more fresh and clean to me.

  • N.Veggiloo - LOVE THE PRICE and performance!.

    So awesome! Everything so far is amazing. I don't even mind the slight Bluetooth delay when watching videos. Cause I'm always multi tasking catching up on shoes while cleaning or working any way. I'm never pinned to the screen. I use this ALL THE TIME. it gets charged fast and lasts about 3.5 or 4 hours if I use it continually. I am getting a second one to switch off charging and using them. 😜

  • Bixby Reader - Many great stories; others not so good

    Many stories are great, but I just couldn't get through a few and had to skip them. Perhaps I don't understand the bigger picture (?)