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  • Mattie Engler - Very Useful

    Very clear, progresses correctly, and helps you advance and take advantage of many "unkonwn" (to me) features which can be great time savers. It is clear enough for the average user, who wants to become better than average.

  • hlarkin - Doesn't work miracles, but a GREAT way to apply make-up!

    I purchased the cheapest Luminess Air Brush system they offer. What I can say is this: #1: It DOES NOT "take 10 years off you" as their info-mercial & ads say it does. #2: It DOES NOT give you a "flawless" completion again, as their info-mercial & ads say it does. What it does do is this: #1: It gives you completely even make-up coverage - after you get the hang of using it. #2: The make-up itself has REAL staying power - it lasts until you take it off. #3: It's a much quicker & cleaner way to apply make-up. If you spray several, light coats of make-up, and let it dry in between coats, you get a good, even, matte coverage. I really like it. It works well for me & I use it every day. I use the blush & the eye shadow too - but you need to apply those FIRST before you apply the make-up. If you apply them AFTER you apply the make-up - they are too harsh & looked caked on. The air-brush make up acts as a foundation & a powder when you use it last. I ordered an "eye shadow duo" and they sent me the wrong colors. I called Customer Service and the woman was very nice & helpful. They sent me out the two correct color eye shadows free of charge - and I got to keep the two wrong colors. If you are going to buy this product - buy the cheapest one they offer. There is no need to spend the extra money on the fancier ones - they do the same thing as the cheapest one. All in all, I really like it. If you take the time to get used to using it, and you follow my tips, you will be happy with your purchase.

  • MAtaton - not sure about this

    had absolutelly no issues Installed this software on a recent W7 installation, and in the next hour it says I had a virus, I had recently installed MSI software, and it detected virus, I try the clean option, it came with a long list of MSI software being cleaned or deleted, one of the lines was marked as "skipped by user"I didnt skip anything, and then restarted, I didnt boot, fortunately It was a recent installal on another harddrive so, I am using the old installation of my W7 and havent restored the one that kaspersky damaged. I have another computer and I havent installed kaspersky there, honestly I thought that It was an excellent software (thats becos I work as technicall support, and in remote control kaspersky wouldnt let me change any antivirus settings to the remoted computer). but now that I have got this I think it is kind of a paranoid software. I think that virus are allways problematic stuff but antivirus shouldnt be that way. but I may be wrong, I will give it another try another day

  • Wally - Still learning

    So far it is great. The book has a lot to offer. I have to go through sections multiple time to get them down.