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  • Alex - 2 days of use and already can see an improvement

    This stuff is so good it's scary. I've used it 3-4 times in the past couple of days since I got it, and already the dead, thick ugly skin under my nails (that I used to emery-board down when I could) is a little softer and comes out easier with a tool (Tweezerman Pushy & ingrown nail file). Nails are a little whiter, too. (They weren't/aren't as yellow as the ones pictured in the "before" photos on the product's box.) I swear they're even a little less ridged on top.

  • carolyn Anderson - Interesting

    The story began with potential for interesting plot but didn't develop as I thought it might. Nevertheless it was a good insight into the lives of immigrants in early New York City.

  • AmazonIsWhyImPoor - Expensive..but worth it..!!

    I don't know what happened to my body this year, but my feminine balance has been off and it has been driving me nuts since I have never ever in my life had problems before. I had no choice but to start up my Florajen Probiotic again, but I still felt like I was off due to my BC. I read the reviews on this and I was sold... mainly because someone said they noticed they have absolutely no smell down there whatsoever...Now I'm not smelly, but EVERY girl is paranoid...and let me tell you, after 1 week of using this that reviewer was spot on. Absolutely no smell and I could tell my bacteria was healthy and back to normal. I lucked out and used my Amazon money on this and it cost $6. I will continue to save my Amazon dollars towards this purchase for life. The bottle is tiny and you do not get many pills if you use this daily. Now that I notice the difference and hope this prevents future feminine problems, I plan to use this pill every other day to make my supply last longer. Ladies, I have been through hell...but this combined with my probiotic just makes me feel like my normal self again and any little bit of paranoia I had before is completely gone. I also take an Azo Yeast pill every now and then when I like to up my sugar intake or enjoy a few beers to prevent any yeast issues.

  • Kelly Williams - This tea.

    I think I have a problem...hence six boxes. The delivery was fast, the boxes were perfectly packaged and, as always, the tea is wonderful. Great for relaxing, great for warming up, just great.

  • Nichole J. - dr.perricone exspensive but so worth it.

    My face always feeks like its on vacation when I use this face cream. It just soaks in so nicely that it just feels like it wad meant to be placed ther. I love this product.

  • Home Schooling Grandma from SEMO - Risky Product??????

    Prime is an excellent product but I recommend being very careful not to overdose. It says that you can use 5 times the amount if you have high ammonia and/or nitrite. I called the Saechem company to get some advice on my 55 gallon freshwater tank. I was having high nitrite levels and was worried about my fish. I was told by a representative of the company that I could add the large amount of Prime (the 5 times the usual dose) no more than every 48 hours. They also recommended my not doing the water changes unless I felt I really needed too. Although I disagreed with the representative about the water changes (I was doing a 50% water change daily because of high nitrite level) I went ahead and took the advice and did exactly what I was told. That is when I began losing fish. I had several deaths which happened after I added the big doses of Prime. Makes me wonder if the large doses of Prime could be toxic to some fish. I was careful to only add the exact amounts just as the representative advised and not to do a water change. Even with the elevated nitrite levels as long as I was doing a daily 50% water change my fish ate good and acted normally and I had NO deaths. It wasn't until after I stopped doing the daily water changes and added the huge dose of Prime that my fish started dying. I do like this product for making tap water safe with water changes but I will never add the huge doses to my tank again. It's just too risky in my opinion.