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  • Frayed Knot - CROOKED COMPANY!

    I paid for a year of being able to use this program. These A HOLE sneak a monthly fee on top of your purchase PER EMPLOYEE to use it. 9 months in they are now telling me I need to repurchase the program so I can get the deduct to calculate PLUS PAY A MONTHLY FEE! WTF would I buy a program for, if it won't do simple deductions? CROOKED CROOKED SCUMBAG COMPANY!

  • Jency Michelle - Easy and holds well

    My boyfriend and I just bought a new house. We wanted to save space by mounting our TV instead of having extra furniture to place it on. We went to Best Buy to see how much their mounts were and it was just completely insane! Needless to say, we were in and out in 2 minutes.

  • Stephanie Robertson - For any real lady

    I have never been so happy to have a Lady's pen in my life. My husband brought them home for me. They are perfect for writing down recipes while I cook, clean and take care of our seven children. My favorite aspect is that I don't have to push so hard on them, considering my frail, weak lady-like hands. Don't get me started on the color coordination. Each one matches my dresses and skirts. I've even bought nail polish to match. These pens are perfect for all women around, and they encourage us to look slim for our husbands, based on their slim design. I absolutely cannot get enough of these. I hope Bic can create similar cooking-wear and even ingredient cards.

  • Amazon Customer - where are the pics? this is a travel magazine and not a travel journal...

    I have come to enjoy reading National Geographic Traveler because it usually couples great articles with wonderful images of the places being covered. The kindle version only has one image per article and does not even have the feel of an online magazine that I have seen on other sites. I was greatly disappointed and don't even want to bother finishing the 14-day trial. If they improve the quality of the kindle version, I will consider getting it in the future. But it must feel as if I am actually getting the magazine version and not some ebook version.

  • Keith Erwin - Good caffeine boost, bad artificial sweetener taste

    So, I like the caffeine part of it. It's nice. It gives a boost similar to nodoze, except you can just stick it in your drink instead of swallowing some pills.