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  • Dennis P. - Aerosmith Rocks Donington really Rocks!

    In a word....Awesome !! Excellent content. Well recorded. Good audio, good picture quality and recording, good video editing. If you're an Aerosmith fan, this is a must.

  • morganmj - Great.

    Awesome camera bag insert, works really well with my timbuk2 messenger bag and holds my Nikon D5300 very securely and is quite roomy

  • Karen Wang - It fits well to my 2013 Mazda CX-5. I ...

    It fits well to my 2013 Mazda CX-5. I notice a remarkable temperature drop after using the sun shade.

  • Alec Moeller - you need help samsung

    It is great item, I have to say it was a pain in butt first two after getting it. Because it did want to update my tv, keep saying miss files. Call samsung and they were little to no help. I gave them my model and sn of my tv and they told me they would look deeper into it. After a week and a half my tv did two random update and then it worked. Crazy

  • eiresurg - So easy a caveman could do it

    Lightning fast! Super easy install in mid-2010 MacBook Pro. There are numerous resources online for this. If you know how to backup your computer and use a screwdriver, you can do this. No more spinning beach ball! Apps open up instantly. Battery lasts longer. Computer runs cooler. Used the Inateck adapter which fit perfectly.

  • Amazon Customer - Way Better than original Magic Jack

    I have been a MagicJack user for the past 3 years using the Origanal MagicJack and have been mostly happy with the service considering the annual savings. The call quality was usually pretty good, but at times it would stutter like crazy if someone else in the household was searching or downloading from the internet. With the computer being on 24/7 it would occasionally lockup or restart because of an update and the MagicJack at times wouldn't reconnect automatically. None being huge issues but would happen somewhat frequently it seemed.

  • K. R. Holmes - Great Bed

    This is a great bed. But I agree - buy it at Ikea, much cheaper at $199! The assembly directions were very easy to follow, though it did take us almost 3 hours to put together. I don't hurry, though - I make sure it's done right the first time. That time included sorting all the hardware into separate containers first, which I highly recommend. We were also assembling it in a very small room, which takes a little more time to maneuver large pieces without damage. The bed is holding a 210 pound man and a 120 pound woman just fine. It seems sturdy enough to hold quite a bit more. It's very pretty and stylish. I think it's a great bargain and I'm very happy with the quality. The matching nightstand I purchased is very nice, too.