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  • Nicki Martinez - LOVE

    The soap is very small. Pretty cool that it comes with two but I feel the bars should be a bit bigger. Other than that AMAZING PRODUCT love the clean feeling after using it! Will definitely be buying again!

  • Ryan - The 2012 edition we never had. Avoid the Kindle version, though!

    The 2013 edition is everything the 2012 edition of First Aid should have been. It's no surprise that there haven't been sweeping changes since last year's edition, but the images and errata have all been corrected. Can't really complain about this book. It's a bare-bones "skeleton" that can serve as a wonderful template for you to "flesh out" by annotating in information from USMLE World and whatever else floats your boat. It's a must-have for studying for the USMLE Step 1, and this is the best edition yet.

  • Cookie-o - IMHO - Ripoff!

    IMHO, this book is a rip-off because it does not include how to run payroll - instead it promotes Intuit payroll services. What do you think would motivate the author to do this?

  • B. Long - A great Christmas story

    I always look forward to a new Christmas story by Debbie Macomber at this time of year and this year was no exception!

  • B Morton - Swing and a miss

    Super unfortunate- I really wanted to like this, but honestly you're better off without anything on your nails.

  • Jackie - If you have a heavy period, read this!

    First I just want to sy something. Most women think they have a heavy period when they don't! They use "light" pads and "regular" tampons and complain how heavy they are. I bleed through a "super plus" and "super" maxi pads (wearing both at the same time) in about 2-3 hours, if I'm lucky.

  • Vrock - Good book for review

    IT works if you only want to go over topics real quick, but not if you are looking for some thing that would guid you through detailed information