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Health Care Architect | New York | John W. Baumgarten Architect, P.C. - A specialist in healthcare architecture, New York-based John W. Baumgarten Architect, P.C. has served clients throughout the Northeast for over two decades.

  • http://jwbarch.com/contact-us-about-your-project/ Contact Us | Health Care Architect NY | John W. Baumgarten - Contact us about your architectural project. With 2 decades of design excellence, we’re expert health care architects with a team dedicated to service.
  • http://jwbarch.com/about/ New York Architect | Health Care | John W. Baumgarten - New York Architect - Established firm that produces well-designed solutions. John W. Baumgarten Architect, P.C., is prepared to serve your needs.
  • http://jwbarch.com/career-opportunities/ Career Opportunities NY | John W. Baumgarten Architect, P.C. - Career opportunities at John W. Baumgarten Architect, P.C. - work on award winning projects, learn new skills and build a career with a growing firm.
  • http://jwbarch.com/contact/ contact - John W. Baumgarten Architect, P.C. - Contact - John W. Baumgarten Architect, P.C.: Please use the contact information here to contact us.
  • http://jwbarch.com/rehabilitation-center-architecture/ Rehabilitation Center Architecture New York, Nursing Care - Rehabilitation center architecture - Portfolio: additions and interior alterations at nursing care facilities, diagnostic centers & senior care facilities.
  • http://jwbarch.com/dialysis/ Dialysis Architecture | New York | John W. Baumgarten - We approach dialysis architecture for our clients with a thorough plan as to what they key necessities should be focused on.
  • http://jwbarch.com/senior-housing/ Senior Housing, Assisted Living | New York, NJ, Pennsylvania - Senior housing: Review a series of architectural designs for senior housing and assisted living.
  • http://jwbarch.com/skilled/ Geriatric Care Architecture | New York | John W. Baumgarten - Specializes in the design of geriatric care architecture for more than 20 years; we thoroughly understand the logistics and phasing of renovation.
  • http://jwbarch.com/community/ Community Center Architecture | John W. Baumgarten - Community center architecture requires designs that appear welcoming, while fitting each center seamlessly into the fabric of the neighborhood.
  • http://jwbarch.com/day/ Senior Care Architecture | New York | Adult Day Care - Senior care architecture challenge: Creating a welcoming and caring “home” environment that also stimulates the senses and fosters cognitive activities.
  • http://jwbarch.com/planning Site and Space Planning | Architecture | New York, NJ, PA - Site and space planning: Strong project management skills and a strategic partner approach with clients are quintessential to a good master plan. Photos.
  • http://jwbarch.com/corporate/ Corporate Offices Architecture | Headquarters Designs NY - Corporate offices architecture today requires designs that are both inspirational and functional. See photos of office designs by John W. Baumgarten.
  • http://jwbarch.com/food/ Food Service Architecture New York, Restaurants, Kitchens - Food Service Architecture: The ambiance of a gourmet dining experience is key to attracting and satisfying customers. See design photos.
  • http://jwbarch.com/envelope/ Health Care Building Design, Medical Practice Architect, NY - Health care building design - Today’s environment demands facilities that feature state-of-the-art amenities for short and long term residents. See designs.

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  • victoria - love it

    I'm am pleased to say with in two weeks i have energy again. i haven't fallowed the diet or exercise plan suggested. But to have energy again means everything to me, i can focus and get thing accomplished. thank you

  • George Tozer - my lower back would begin to be painful, along with leg pain

    I had endured intermittent bouts of sciatica that left me completely bed ridden for a few days, until it subsided. I always knew when it was coming as about 4 or 5 days prior, my lower back would begin to be painful, along with leg pain. It would get worse and worse, until it hit the tipping point. My last bout dropped me to the floor in a fetal position for about a half hour, before the pain reduced enough to crawl into bed.