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Kinesiology and Health Science | Faculty of Graduate Studies | York University - Our program is home to world-class researchers who investigate diverse aspects of physical activity, movement, fitness and human health.

  • http://kahs.gradstudies.yorku.ca/student-profiles/ Alumni Profiles | Kinesiology and Health Science | Faculty of Graduate Studies | York University - Abdikarim Abdullahi (MSc 2011) Doctoral Student Thesis title: mRNA translation inhibitor PDCD4 is down regulated during L6 myoblast

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  • Julie Moore - Great Work out

    I got this game so that my kids could play together. It provides hours of fun and brings back lots of good memories for the adults as well. I didnt realize what a good workout it would be for me as well. Fun and clumsy Mom friendly as well.

  • Prospero - Good if you have some prior knowledge

    I enjoyed the humor of this text, but I still got a little bogged down in the minutia of the program. I am just a beginner with the program, but I still feel a little overwhelmed. I think the text would have been better suited to someone with prior knowledge of the program.

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  • Mouser - The other lip balm

    Best gift idea ever! I got some for all my girlfriends and they raved about it! I did not get to try it myself however, as the dog stole mine and later there was a horrible mess to deal with.

  • Cesar Calanche - a great tool for my Social Network management business

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  • selinanicole - Def worth it

    Feels great smells great and works great. Hair grew an inch n a month after trying 6 months before this hair hadn't grown at all. This stuff is great