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  • Sparky_jr - Bleeding edge technology and poor support

    Great idea and technology but it's definitely bleeding edge. The thermostat is easy to install, easy to setup and has many cool interesting options. However, I haven't been able to fully use it because of dropped network connections. It needs wireless access to your network. I have submitted a support ticket submitted and it has gone up to Tier 3 for several weeks with no responses or updates. I've been told that with the latest software update, my router is incompatible. When asked which routers are compatible, they can't confirm because it changes with each of their software release. When asked when is the expected resolution time, it's been crickets. This device is heavily dependent on their software releases. And if the release is buggy, you are stuck with it. I want to love it but not getting the support for it.

  • The best prep beyond a shadow of a doubt! - The best prep beyond a shadow of a doubt!

    This book is absolutely a necessity for anyone intending to take the USMLE Step I. The book is an outstanding conglomerate of very high-yield material and has an accurate rating system for key review books for specific subjects which is simply invaluable for selecting review books from which to study. Essential for all medical students taking the USMLE Step I.

  • Jitter Beans Coffee Roasting Co. - Microsoft Publisher 2013 A Winner!!

    What a Great Program! Easy to use lots to choose from, different sizes, clip art, unbelievable compared to other programs we have tried. I had a little bit of trouble finding the size I needed for our labels, but I finally figured it out. So Many Fonts to choose from. You can do so much with this program.

  • Christine - I love kaplan!

    I learned so much from the strategies, practice and review of this book! The rationales taught me how to prioritize by using Maslow's hierarchy of needs and understand the nursing concept through the nursing process. It also helped me apply my knowledge; respond quickly, professionally, and "think like a nurse." It definitely helped me hone my critical thinking skills. I feel more confident and competent now. Oh, I love Kaplan! Don't hesitate to buy this because it will really help you prepare for the NCLEX. This is a must-have for lpn students and soon-to-be-licensure-test-takers. After all your hard work at school, passing the board exam is what really matters. Buy it and use it! You won't regret it. It's definitely worth the money.

  • AGumb - Love is the Model S

    Most folks want to know how long it takes to charge. Well st a Tesla Supercharger, about 40 minutes or less. At home it does not matter because when i wake up the battery is charged for my daily use. This is the most fun and enjoyable car i have ever owned. This is the future... Today!

  • Baivab Mitra - Not sure of others here but this product fit perfectly ...

    Not sure of others here but this product fit perfectly with NO gaps anywhere. Many times I forgot its there and I have hit it with my hands and nothing happened.

  • Crystal - Lerosett is brillian, effective product

    I used this so many years ago and had forgotten about it until I had a bout of jawline acne that wouldn't go away even with the Epiduo prescription my dermatologist recommend. But the Lerosett has purged much of the deep-seated gunk that kept the those pores infected - or rather like active volcanoes! - in 3 weeks. I spot treat the areas at night as well.. I believe the acne will be totally clear in another 2-3 weeks. I'll use Lerosett as recommended when something flares up.