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  • Say Goodbye to “Undying Cancer”_kidneyhelp - Uremia is called the undying cancer because of two reasons; one is hard to cure with high expenses. The other is that the illness is heavy without life risk (except for complicated infections or the aggravation of others basic disease). In a
  • Blind Spots in Kidney Index_kidneyhelp - Kidney disease is the third kind of biggest disease in damaging people’s health. As a chronic disease, its treatment is also a “protracted war”. There are many blind spots in its treatment.
  • Immunoadsorption for Lupus Nephritis_kidneyhelp - Immunoadsorption possesses high selectivity and specificity, which has little effect on plasma fractions like blood coagulation factors and drug concentration inside the body. During the process of immunoadsorption, patients’ own blood is
  • What is the Core of Kidney Disease Treatment_kidneyhelp - Many kidney disease patients often ask me that, I have taken so many treatments for my kidney disease, but I have not got any better treatment result. Doctor, could you tell me what I need to pay attention to for my following treatment?
  • Must Uremia Receive Dialysis?_kidneyhelp - Uremia is one of relatively complicated kidney diseases. Many factors can induce the disease. Most uremia patients think uremia can’t be cured until they received dialysis. With the development of the medical science, is this the only meth
  • The Best Way to Treat Lupus Nephritis_kidneyhelp - At present, the incidence of lupus nephritis (LN) is relatively high, but some people still pay little attention to it. The relevant experts pointed out the patients will never know the symptoms of the disease or receive treatment until they
  • Three Kidneys Detoxification-------Characteristics of Traditi_kidneyhelp - Through decades of years’ research and experience, we go through oral, herbal, bathing and circle of healing traditional Chinese medicine, finally we find the characteristic treatment for kidney---clearing the poisons from the three kidney
  • The Stages of CKD and Their Attentions_kidneyhelp - In order to improve the diagnosis and treatment’s level, the chronic kidney disease foundation divides CKD into five stages based on GFR. Different tests and treatment are required differently in each stage.
  • Notice the Five Early Symptoms of Uremia_kidneyhelp - As the final stage of kidney disease, the uremia is called the undead cancer. Most uremia patients think they can live longer only through dialysis. There is no choice but to change a new kidney, when the disease is at the final stage.
  • What You Should Do for Your Chronic Nephritis?_kidneyhelp - For the chronic nephritis, if it does not get a proper treatment, it will cause the permanent kidney damages. Many chronic nephritis patients lose their confidence after many years of fail of treatment. However, the chronic nephritis can get
  • Do You Know the Implication of These Symptoms?_kidneyhelp - Do you know that, these common symptoms often imply something you do not know. So if you have these symptoms, do not treat them lightly or ignore them.
  • How to Prevent Acute Kidney Failure Develop into Chronic Kidn_kidneyhelp - Acute nephritis is usually caused by infection and accompanied with some symptoms, such as, edema, blood urine, protein urine and so on. Generally speaking, acute nephritis patients can get a good recovery after 8 weeks, but if they still ha
  • Diet Notices for Anaphylactoid Purpura_kidneyhelp - My sister has the anaphylactoid purpura for a long time, could you give her some suggestion about her daily diet?
  • Polycystic kidney disease diet_kidneyhelp - The diet is the key point in the polycystic kidney disease treatment. So it is important for the patients to have the healthy diet in daily life so that can reduce the harm for the kidney. Here are some tips for the patients to pay attention
  • Is Carrot Juice Good for People with Kidney Disease_kidneyhelp - Can end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients drink carrot juice? Is carrot juice good for ESRD patients? In end stage kidney disease, patients usually have a series of problems because of impaired kidneys. Carrot juice is able to control some
  • The Proper Diet of Patients with Membranous Nephropathy_kidneyhelp - Membranous Nephropathy is an autoimmune disorder of the kidney. In membranous nephritis, immune complexes are deposited within the walls of capillaries inside the kidneys, which causes the capillary walls to thicken, which diminishes their a
  • Ten Daily Principles for Kidney Disease Patient_kidneyhelp - For the kidney disease patients, in order to control the disease in a stable situation and get the recovery as soon as possible , they should pay attention to the following ten daily principles:
  • Four Bad Habits Damaging Kidney, You Know?_kidneyhelp - Kidney is the water purifier in human body and it filtrate and purify about 200L blood, by which, the nutrients will be left in blood and the waste will be discharge from the body.
  • The Prevention and Cure of Kidney Disease for Ordinary People_kidneyhelp - Please ask a doctor immediately if you have the following situations: 1. many bubbles in the urine and not disappearing for a long time; 2.unnatural color in the urine: the color of strong tea, the color of meat washing water, the color of s
  • Can Kidney Dysfunction Patients Have Sexual Life?_kidneyhelp - Kidney failure is a problem on kidney, but it can involve many other body systems and affect patients’ life in different ways. Sexual intercourse plays a crucial role in keeping a good relationship between lovers; however, once an individu
  • Several Traditional Chinese Medicine Ways to Kill Huo_kidneyhelp - ‘Huo’ is a term in traditional Chinese medicines theory. If there is ‘Huo’ in any organs of your body, some disease symptoms will appear. This article will tell you some performances of ‘Huo’ and will also tell you some ways to k
  • Special Precautions should Follow When Take Prednisone_kidneyhelp - Before taking prednisone, tell your doctor and pharmacist if you are allergic to prednisone, any other medications, or any of the inactive ingredients in prednisone tablets or solutions. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for a list of the inact
  • Pharmacy Remedies and Kidney Disease_kidneyhelp - Some remedies are potentially harmful for people with kidney disease. Make sure you check with your doctor before taking a new over-the-counter (OTC) medicine. Here is a list spelling out which OTC remedies are safe for you to use if you ha
  • Side Effects of Antibiotics of Children Diabetic Nephropathy_kidneyhelp - The main method of treating children diabetic nephropathy is to use antibiotics. The use of antibiotics can make the symptoms of the disease disappear very soon but they will come back again. So it is improper to use antibiotics to treat ch
  • How to Reduce Internal Heat with TCM_kidneyhelp - Generally, people drink less than 8 cups of water every day according to the normal quantity. On the contrary, most people like to eat spicy things which will make people get inflamed easily. If you suffer from excessive internal heat and do
  • Classification of Kidney Disease_kidneyhelp - Kidney disease is a general concept. Once kidneys are damaged, all are named kidney diseases. So there are many kinds of kidney diseases. Now let’s have a plain introduction to the common kidney diseases. As for the diagnosis, treatment, r
  • Is Lupus Kidney Terrible?(2)_kidneyhelp - Lupus kidney isn’t horrible. As long as you find the correct treatment, you can receive satisfactory curative effect. If you are still suffering a lot with relapse, you may come here and regain your life’s hope like her.
  • Chronic Kidney Disease_kidneyhelp - Do you know the chronic kidney disease? If your answer is no, then come to this article.
  • PKD, Creatinine 4.8, Urine Output 2500 and Liver Cyst_kidneyhelp - Q:Hi, I have PKD and it was diagnosed 8 years ago because my father has PKD and I had myself tested and it was confirmed. I am a female and now 50 years old. The largest cyst is 5cm, creatinine is 4.8mg/dl and urine 24-hour urine output is m

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  • Amazon Customer - Good Story to Illustrate Modern Scheduling Theory

    A thoughtful and entertaining book with a storyline demonstrating how to apply modern production management principles to a difficult situation. This book was first published quite a while ago and even though revised would do even better if modern communication methods and societal more's were updated. A quibble, however, as the story itself is a very good way to help people understand the issues a manufacturing facility faces on a daily basis and a pathway to optimization. The process is a bit simplistic and the resistance to change by the personnel, the union and management was understated compared to reality but it is a story used to illustrate a point. As a former Operations guy myself I sympathized with the pressures the plant manager was facing in particular how sales & upper management fail to understand the difficulties faced by production. The concept of removing bottlenecks was done well. This is a good book even for experienced operations personnel to use to gain insight into complex scheduling processes and could help with getting buy-in for managing change and moving toward modern scheduling techniques.

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