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  • LauraZ - Oh my gosh this is so fun! I've tried other VR glasses before and these ...

    Oh my gosh this is so fun! I've tried other VR glasses before and these are the best I've tried so far. Because I'm very nearsighted I had to keep my glasses on while I used the mask but that wasn't a problem--my glasses fit with no trouble.

  • Tiffany - Love the scent and am a big fan of the ...

    This formula is so thick and stays on the washcloth all throughout the bath. Love the scent and am a big fan of the Aveeno brand. Little one has sensitive skin so this is our preferred brand for sure.

  • Anna - Excellent resource

    Great practice tests and study material. It helps immensly study for the ACT test. I would recommend it to anyone about to take this test.

  • jeannie - Very nice product

    Nice looking and works wonderfully, love the solid burner surfaces which stay very clean. Mine does have an "on" indicator - apparently earlier versions did not but they now do. Replaced a stove with only 2 working burners with this unit and a DeLonghi oven, gained enormous space and no sacrifice in cooking ability - and I cook a lot.