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  • Kray - Works and seems to slightly prolong the wines

    First and foremost, don't be dumb like me. Simply place stopper into the wine, place the pump over it, and WHILE the pump is ON the stopper, Pull and push the pump's piston WITHOUT removing it from the stopper.. I was silly and would pull out the air, remove the pump, press down the piston, reattach to the pump and repeat = = = super inefficient!

  • Katie McEnery - Phenomenal cuatomer care and product

    Customer care is phenomenal, and the product is excellent. I think it looks very neat on the wrist, app is very easy to use and set up. Their 7minute workout has me doing something everyday. Couldn't recommend the product or the company enough.

  • shopper1948 - Long time user

    Always looking for the best bargain when ordering. This was it this time. Have used the Timewise line for years and find I like it very well.

  • Leonardo_de_Jim - I've been using QuickBooks since 1998 and I HATE QUICKBOOKS!

    Wow, what can I say. I've been using QuickBooks since 1998 and I HATE QUICKBOOKS!!!! If there were some reasonable alternative I would be gone.

  • Regal - Save your money for ICD-10 materials

    This book is confusing to use. It has all the necessary code information, but it has other sections which could be helpful in certain circumstances, but seem superfluous for the average coder. ICD-10 is coming in October anyway, buy an I-10 book, don't waste money on I-9, it's going to be gone for Sure this year.

  • Kit Parenteau - It really is small, fast, and it really does just work

    The normal experience with Antivirus is that it pesters you to make choices, slows down the computer, takes up tons of space, and takes forever to get to work. Webroot took that and turned it upside down.

  • Karin Palmer - Exceptional

    A friend was visiting from Germany and had asked that this be purchased for him, since it wasn't available there. He had done his research and instead on this particular product- so I am writing this review from his perspective.