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  • Jane Smith - Highly recommend for Jeep!

    OK its been about 2 months now and these are excellent quality and extremely Reliable for hauling just about anything a a great fraction of the cost for factory. I have a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland model. A little tricky figuring it out to put them on but once you get it smooth as glass and sturdy as ever can be!!

  • Sqrl Hater - Amazing

    They start to catch on. 5 the first day. 15 the first week. A few in between now and then. I have 20 fewer now. Thank you.

  • Michael R. Hieber - I have recommended this supplier to many people

    The deal of the summer...I saved at least $100 going this route with the 3" tablets. I have a 16 foot sun-n-fun inflatable ring pool. I do have a filtration system and I use a floating duck, which delivers the chlorine as the tablets dissolve. I have recommended this supplier to many people....good packaging (each tablet wrapped separately in the pail) and excellent price !!!

  • Alan Prachar - Just as good as the Mopar Crossbars

    I thought I had scored a deal on the actual Mopar crossbars on eBay only to find out it was missing one of the feet, didn't read the fine print. I purchased this kit, and I can confirm it is an EXACT DUPLICATE of the Mopar crossbars. The parts between the two kits are completely interchangeable. I ended up using the Mopar crossbars and bolts (the Mopar kit has star pin security bolts, this kit has standard hex key bolts) and the feet and rubber cross bar strips from this kit (the mopar rubber strips had faded) and it's perfect. Can't recommend it highly enough, save your money and buy this kit.

  • Amazon Customer - Great experience

    Super fast getting this computer. The computer worked right out of the box, and was shipped very securely. I love this new set up, I came from a macbook pro, and this is much faster than my 5 year old laptop. I got a dead keyboard, but cyberpower is sending me out a new one. I love this computer so far! It was actually cheaper to buy this than to build a new one.

  • judith - If you must spray, use Bengal

    I am generally against the use of any sort of harsh chemical. I care about my own health as well as the environment, and believe we should all do our part for the earth. However, roaches are not welcome in or around my house and are nearly impossible to eliminate without some sort of harsh help. My husband remembers his mother using Bengal when he was growing up, and his family regards it as close to a miracle. I had no bugs in my home for 18 years, until my neighbor apparently had them and hired an exterminator. Without fail, the day after their treatment, I would find roaches half the length of my pinky finger in the house! Eeep! They were running to my house for safety! I didn't want to spray, but didn't have a choice. This is where I can sing the praises of Bengal and recommend it for use. One spraying seems to take care of these creatures for a few months. I only know this because of the carcasses I continue to find. We spray the perimeter (outside), around the doors to the outside, in the kitchen and bathrooms, and in the basement. Our house is about 2700 square feet and just doing these areas seems to take care of the whole place. If you have a roach problem, get some Bengal, and you won't have it for long. I anticipate this taking several applications but am fairly confident that it will wipe out this hideous pest.

  • Troop Gug - A real pain to install on multiple computers.

    For ease of install, this gets a zero. I purchased 4 laptops for my kids. Each had a 1 month trial of LiveSafe on it. You are not able to just enter the code and extend the subscription. I contacted McAfee. You have to uninstall the trial version. McAfee then wants you to run a program from their site called MCPR which uninstalls every McAfee program from you computer. Then you need to download a fresh install of LiveSafe for each computer. Then reinstall the non-LiveSafe software that MCPR uninstalled. It took me hours to get this thing up and running.