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  • Danielle - Love them. Easy to use

    I bought two of these for my boyfriend and I to try out. Love them. Easy to use, and everywhere I get a compliment on it. So easy to use, the night before i put in whatever fruit I'm in the mood for, place it in my refrigerator, and its ready to go the next day. Through out the day i refill it with the sam fruit, and discard the fruit at the end of the day to make a new one. The best part is it is super easy to clean. No hassle at all.

  • Jerrika - Useful tool

    My husband and I love this tool! We used it to build make pocketholes on a toddler stool and a farmhouse dining room table from plans on ana-white.com. I used it on a few test pieces to make sure I was doing it correctly, and the first few I didn't so I definitely recommend testing it on scrap wood first. It is really easy to use now that I got the hang of it. Great for joining a table top so no screws show. We have become addicted to woodworking now that we have this tool.

  • Henry J III - This is really effective with very low odor.

    Soon after receiving this I used it as directed to fairly easily clean remaining mold from a shower floor and bench. I was more impressed when I used it on a bathroom wall low near the tub where I noticed about a 2 square foot area with slight gray from mold. Sprayed the area and let it sit for a time. Rubbed it lightly with a rag. Repeated and it looked fine and clean. This is a fairly new house with he original off white walls that only have a thin coat of original paint. It removed the mold with no paint damage.

  • nnj925 - Just ok.... I remember reading the ...

    Just ok....I remember reading the reviews for this and someone had said that she just repeats things over and over and over..and seriously she does....I mean I have a little reading comprehension issues sometimes but this was a bit extreme....just go on google and type "body ecology diet" and you will find all the information FOR FREE....

  • Deja - Definitely Worth The Buy!

    I've always liked this series and I was intrigued about the anniversary editions I was not disappointed. Even though I've read this book some many times before I was surprised and happy to see something new and the cover looks awesome. Im happy that I decided to reread these new editions.